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Normani Hamilton's Personal Details

Normani Hamilton is an American pop singer and actress

BirthdayMay 31, 1996
FamousActresses, Singers, Pop Singers
Nick namesNormani Kordei Hamilton
SiblingsArielle Hamilton, Ashlee Hamilton
Birth PlaceAtlanta, Georgia
FatherDerrick Hamilton
MotherAndrea Hamilton
Net Worth$3 million as of Jun 10,2016
Sun SignGemini
Born inAtlanta, Georgia
Famous asPop Singer, Actress

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Who is Normani Hamilton?

Normani Hamilton, or popularly known as Normani Kordei is a part of the girl group, Fifth Harmony, which was formed on The X Factor US, the popular American reality music TV-series. Prior to participating in The X Factor, Normani had reached the finals of Miss Texas. She is famous for her career as a pop singer. She is known as a mezzo soprano singer with 4 octaves and 3 notes. Although she is popularly known for her cover songs,her talent is not only limited to her vocal skills. She has also worked as an actress and appeared in the HBO series ‘Treme’ and the movie ‘WrestleMania’.As a part of the popular band Fifth Harmony, Normani has made platinum certified hit tracks like Boss, Sledgehammer and Worth It. Recently, she has been in the spotlight for quitting her Twitter account due to the unimaginable amount of criticizing she received from some users. She says that she has a thick skin when it comes to critics. However, when the criticism got racial, she said she wanted to avoid the ugliness and took a break from Twitter.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Normani recorded her first single at the age of 13. She appeared on the HBO original series Treme. However, this was a very small role. Normani was a finalist in the Miss Texas competition. She then became a part of the girl group, Fifth Harmony on The X Factor US where the band was catapulted into stardom. However, she gained recent fame when the 20-year-old quit twitter due to the cyberbullying that she faced through internet trolls. According to the singer, she has no right to deny anybody their views, but two days before she quit twitter she was not only cyberbullied but also racially bullied. This event turned out to be a major attention gainer for her.

Later, she also addressed her bandmates saying that she has equal and lots of love for all of them. Another Facebook live interview was a life turner for Normani, when she addressed Camilla Cabello, her bandmate as very quirky. This comment was not very well taken by the media and her fans.

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What Makes Normani So Special

Normani Kordei is well known for her performance at the X Factor auditions. She had sung Aretha Franklin’s bit “Chain of Fools”. Normani is also known for her pride as an African American singer. She knows this very well that she isn’t the lone person to do this. She knows very well that she has to suffer through all the abuse just like every other African American star does. However, even though she had to face all the hate and slander, she left a heartfelt note saying that love counts much more and longer in the world than hate and that she loves all her band members whether the world chooses to believe it or not. This quality of Normani, to believe in the good is what makes her special.

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Beyond Fame

Normani is a part of various campaigns and charities that support youth empowerment. She along with the other girls in Fifth Harmony are engaged in various activities like supporting underprivileged teenagers and performing to the patients of various hospitals. They were also a part of the Cybersmile Foundation which took part in anti-cyberbullying activities. They collaborated with Ryan Seacrest foundation when they performed at the Children’s hospital of Philadelphia.

Behind the Curtains

Normani was born in Atlanta, Georgia and was brought up in New Orleans. However, the Hurricane Katrina forced her family to get shifted in Texas in 2005. She is greatly inspired by Beyoncé. According to her she is a very shy person and has that similarity with Beyoncé. However, Beyoncé states that she is shy only when she is Beyoncé, when she goes on stage she is like Sasha Fierce. Thus, this inspires Normani to be like Beyoncé when she is on stage. She has two half-sisters, namely, Ashlee and Arielle. Her mother, Andrea was diagnosed with cancer when Normani was just 6 years old. Normani’s favorite color is pink. She owns two dogs, one which she got when she was just 6 years old and the other when she was older.

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Normani Hamilton's FAQ

  • What is Normani Hamilton birthday?

    Normani Hamilton was born at 1996-05-31

  • Where is Normani Hamilton's birth place?

    Normani Hamilton was born in Atlanta, Georgia

  • What is Normani Hamilton nationalities?

    Normani Hamilton's nationalities is American

  • What is Normani Hamilton nick names?

    Normani Hamilton's nickNames is Normani Kordei Hamilton

  • Who is Normani Hamilton siblings?

    Normani Hamilton's siblings is Arielle Hamilton, Ashlee Hamilton

  • How tall is Normani Hamilton?

    Normani Hamilton's height is 163

  • Who is Normani Hamilton's father?

    Normani Hamilton's father is Derrick Hamilton

  • Who is Normani Hamilton's mother?

    Normani Hamilton's mother is Andrea Hamilton

  • What is Normani Hamilton's sun sign?

    Normani Hamilton is Gemini

  • How famous is Normani Hamilton?

    Normani Hamilton is famouse as Pop Singer, Actress

  • What is Normani Hamilton's facebook?

    Normani Hamilton's facebook is

  • What is Normani Hamilton's twitter?

    Normani Hamilton's twitter is