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The Most Famous Austrian

Boris KodjoeMarch 8, 1973AustrianBoris Kodjoe is a German-Ghanaian actor from Austria
Walter KohnMarch 9, 1923AustrianNobel Laureate Walter Kohn was an Austrian-born American theoretical chemist and physicist
Niki LaudaFebruary 22, 1949AustrianNiki Lauda is an Austrian Formula One driver and a three time ‘F1 World Champion’
Ernst KaltenbrunnerOctober 4, 1903AustrianErnst Kaltenbrunner was an Austrian Nazi Party leader during World War II
Reina TriendlJanuary 23, 1992AustrianReina Triendl is a Japanese fashion model, actor, and tarento
Heinrich HarrerJuly 6, 1912AustrianHeinrich Harrer was an Austrian mountaineer who was a part of the team that made the first ascent of the formidable north wall of the Eiger.
Simon WiesenthalDecember 31, 1908AustrianSimon Wiesenthal was an Austrian writer and a famous Nazi hunter
Wolfgang PuckJuly 8, 1949AustrianWolfgang Puck is an American celebrity chef, restaurateur and the founder of Wolfgang Puck Companies
Maria AltmannFebruary 18, 1916AustrianMaria Altmann was an Austrian-American Jewish refugee who escaped Nazi occupied Austria and took refuge in America
Martin BuberFebruary 8, 1878AustrianOne of the greatest philosophers to have ever walked on earth, Martin Buber contributions to philosophy is a long-standing one
Franz Peter Schubert

Franz Peter Schubert

Franz Peter Schubert was an Austrian composer of the early 19th century

AustrianJanuary 31, 179793 views

Gregor Mendel

Gregor Mendel was an Austrian scientist and monk credited with being the father of modern genetics for his pioneering work in the study of heredity

AustrianJuly 22, 1822213 views

Egon Schiele

Egon Schiele was an Austrian painter - a major figurative painter of the early 20th century

AustrianJune 12, 189080 views

Franz Joseph I of Austria

Franz Joseph I was the longest-reigning emperor of Austria and the king of Hungary

AustrianAugust 18, 1830167 views

Friedrich von Amerling

Friedrich von Amerling was one of the great and renowned Austro-Hungarian portrait painters of the 19th century

AustrianApril 14, 1803136 views

Reina Triendl

Reina Triendl is a Japanese fashion model, actor, and tarento

AustrianJanuary 23, 1992522 views

Klara Hitler

Klara Hitler was the mother of the leader of the Nazi Party, and German dictator, Adolf Hitler

AustrianAugust 12, 1860223 views

Alois Hitler

Alois Hitler Sr, was an Austrian civil servant and the father of Adolf Hitler

AustrianJune 7, 1837188 views

Arnold Schoenberg

Arnold Schoenberg was an Austrian-American composer, teacher and music theorist

AustrianSeptember 13, 1874122 views

Alban Berg

Alban Berg was a renowned Austrian composer