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Inanna Sarkis's Personal Details

Inanna Sarkis is an American YouTube Personality, model, actress, Viner and script writer

BirthdayMay 15, 1993
FamousYoutube Personality, Models, Actresses, Social Media Stars, Viners, YouTubers, Vloggers
  • Graduate from Ryerson University
Birth PlaceHamilton, Ontario, Canada
FatherMirza Sarkis
Sun SignTaurus
Born inHamilton, Ontario, Canada
Famous asYouTube Personality, Model, Actress

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Who is Inanna Sarkis?

Inanna Sarkis is a young American social media personality and a bundle of talent with multifaceted interests. She is known and famous as an actress, director, model, singer, script writer and editor among her fans. She is a YouTube star and a Vine celebrity. Inanna has made and produced many short videos for her YouTube channel and from time to time, she also works as a professional model. She acted in MTV-Live as a bikini model in 2006. She is famous for making many short films on You Tube. She wrote and directed a short film titled “Aura” in 2015 which promoted awareness about human trafficking, a crime which is profoundly growing in USA.

Inanna Sarkis is also a talented singer and she wrote and sung her first official song for “Aura”. This song gave hope and strength to the victims who survived in those circumstances and those women who faced the brunt of flesh trade. Inanna Sarkis has also made many short film videos in collaboration with other web celebrities like Lele Pons (model and actress), Rudy Mancuso (musical artist), Anwar Jiwabi (Viner and You Tuber) and King Bach (actor, comedian) which are a rave among her viewers.

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Rise To Stardom

Inanna Sarkis, from a very tender age, started to learn to play the piano. When she was of six years she started to take conservatory lessons in piano. Due to her training in piano, Inanna Sarkis could have chosen to be a professional pianist.

In order to appease her parents she even completed her graduation degree but all the time she knew she was cut out for acting, scripting, editing, writing and to be a famous web star.

During her high school days, Inanna started to post videos of comedy genre on Vine which became viral among her fans and made her very popular. Initially, she was thinking to pursue law but destiny had something else in stored for her. Inanna Sarkis proved her acting skills first on television serials like ‘Big Wolf on Campus’ (1992-2002 as Lacey), ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark’ (2002 as Kayla), ‘Rookie Blue’ (2012 as Detective), ‘Four Kings’ (2016 as Kate) etc. She was immensely appreciated as an actress for her work on television.

Due to her potential as an actress she even starred in movies like ‘Happy Birthday’ (as Kasape Suka’s girlfriend in 2006), ‘Boo 2! A Made a Halloween’ (as Gabriella in 2017) and ‘Deported’ (as Sarahin 2017).

She started to post her written and acted short film videos on You Tube which she joined on March 2012. Since then her short films have been appreciated by viewers and increased her fan following. She went on to make videos like “Take Control”, “Aura”, “Follow Me”, “Strength” to name a few and posted them on her You Tube account. These videos were written, directed and enacted by her and went viral on social media.

At present she has more than 1 million subscribers to her You Tube channel and she has millions of followers on Instagram. Inanna Sarkis has also written and performed as a production assistant in “# American (2014)”. She has also made many short films like “Secret Life”, “Drunk Master” and “Middle Eastern Family” jointly with Anwar Jiwabi, which have been loved by her fans.

Besides being a writer, actor and model she is also a yoga teacher and has posted many videos on it in her You Tube channel.

Due to her talents and charm, she has made reasonable amount of money and her estimated earnings till now is $200 thousand from her You Tube channel and approximate net worth income is around $ 500 thousand.

Inanna Sarkis recently posted a video with King Bach titled “When your ex happens to be your doctor” and it has become a massive hit with 63K likes. She even collaborated with ‘Spotify’ in March on the eve of “Women’s History Month” to play her favourite songs sung by empowering women. She has written and sung a heart rendering anti- warsong lately titled “Hallelujah”.

Behind the Curtains

Inanna Sarkis was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on 15th of May, 1993. Her mother is a surgeon of Bulgarian origin and her father is a Syrian dentist. They decided to give up their careers and came to Canada hoping a better future for their children. She has an elder brother and two cousins living in Bulgaria.

She learnt Bulgarian and Assyrian language from her grandparents and English was her second language in school. She completed her Graduation from Ryerson University and got her Bachelor of Arts degree.

Her zodiac sign is Taurus and she is tomboyish in nature. She is a Canadian citizen with a Bulgarian-Assyrian ethnicity. At present she is more focussed in her career and is not seeing anyone.

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Inanna Sarkis's FAQ

  • What is Inanna Sarkis birthday?

    Inanna Sarkis was born at 1993-05-15

  • Where is Inanna Sarkis's birth place?

    Inanna Sarkis was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

  • What is Inanna Sarkis nationalities?

    Inanna Sarkis's nationalities is Canadian

  • What was Inanna Sarkis universities?

    Inanna Sarkis studied at Graduate from Ryerson University

  • How tall is Inanna Sarkis?

    Inanna Sarkis's height is 165

  • Who is Inanna Sarkis's father?

    Inanna Sarkis's father is Mirza Sarkis

  • What is Inanna Sarkis's sun sign?

    Inanna Sarkis is Taurus

  • How famous is Inanna Sarkis?

    Inanna Sarkis is famouse as YouTube Personality, Model, Actress

  • What is Inanna Sarkis's facebook?

    Inanna Sarkis's facebook is

  • What is Inanna Sarkis's twitter?

    Inanna Sarkis's twitter is

  • What is Inanna Sarkis's youtube?

    Inanna Sarkis's youtube is

  • What is Inanna Sarkis's instagram?

    Inanna Sarkis's instagram is

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