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Gabriel Conte's Personal Details

All about American Vine star and fashion model Gabriel Conte including his age, birthday, family life, girlfriends, and some fun facts.

BirthdayOctober 24, 1994
FamousVine Content Creator, Models, Social Media Stars, Viners
SiblingsNico Conte, Sofia Conte
  • Florida State University (drop out)
Birth PlaceMiami, Florida
Net Worth$0.2 million as of Jan 16,2017
Sun SignScorpio
Born inMiami, Florida
Famous asVine Content Creator, Model

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Who is Gabriel Conte?

Gabriel Conte is a youth icon and social media star. He is energetic and proactive, creating a number of skits and videos which are always fresh and humorous. He is an example of a modern social media phenomenon. He has used innovative technology and platforms to showcase himself and give his viewers a slice of life experience. He exudes verve and innovation. His style ranges from informal to casual. Gabriel Conte has been a regular and popular content creator on the phone app Vine, and shows how newer and sleeker platforms can be used to package and disseminate powerful and appealing messages and productions.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Gabriel Conte has a natural ease of expression and a unique relationship with the camera. He has been performing since he was in the seventh grade. He was hired as a model at a very young age. He enrolled at Florida State University to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts in acting but dropped out to pursue his social media career. He is an example of the new kind of media professionals that the growth of online social networks and media technology has made possible. Gabriel Conte uses the phone app Vine, where he presents a number of skits and short videos. He is an adept comedian and creates new situations and presentations with every video. He invites viewers to follow his activities and relationships, and these become a part of the content he creates. His videos have garnered significant popularity with over 1.9 million followers on Vine.

What Makes Gabriel Conte So Special

Gabriel Conte is at the cutting edge of technology and youth culture in the medium he uses, as well as the content he creates. He is an adept social networker and part of the growing social media youth culture and network. His siblings Sofia and Nico have appeared in some of his Vine videos. He combines youthful zest and boldness with humor and feeling. His videos are very collaborative, and he has worked with partners like Louis Giordano on Vine.

Beyond Fame

Gabriel Conte is extremely sociable and friendly, keeping up with his fans and viewers across a variety of social media platforms. He is also strongly concerned with physical fitness and physical culture. He is articulate and humorous in his videos and comments on sites like Twitter. At the same time he has a thing for fashion and trends. He comments on them as well as portrays these through his creative expressions.

Behind the Curtains

Gabriel Conte has a strong sense of family and bonds strongly with his siblings. He got engaged to YouTuber Jess Bauer in 2016.


He was hired as a model for Coca-Cola

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Gabriel Conte's FAQ

  • What is Gabriel Conte birthday?

    Gabriel Conte was born at 1994-10-24

  • Where is Gabriel Conte's birth place?

    Gabriel Conte was born in Miami, Florida

  • What is Gabriel Conte nationalities?

    Gabriel Conte's nationalities is American

  • Who is Gabriel Conte siblings?

    Gabriel Conte's siblings is Nico Conte, Sofia Conte

  • What was Gabriel Conte universities?

    Gabriel Conte studied at Florida State University (drop out)

  • How tall is Gabriel Conte?

    Gabriel Conte's height is 178

  • What is Gabriel Conte's sun sign?

    Gabriel Conte is Scorpio

  • How famous is Gabriel Conte?

    Gabriel Conte is famouse as Vine Content Creator, Model

  • What is Gabriel Conte's facebook?

    Gabriel Conte's facebook is

  • What is Gabriel Conte's twitter?

    Gabriel Conte's twitter is

  • What is Gabriel Conte's instagram?

    Gabriel Conte's instagram is