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The Most Famous Singers

Breanna YdeJune 11, 2003AmericanCheck out all that you wanted to know about Breanna Yde, the famous Australian TV actress; her birthday, her family and personal life, fun trivia facts and more.
Bella ThorneOctober 8, 1997AmericanBella Thorne is an American actress and singer
Seo Kang-joonOctober 12, 1993South KoreanSeo Kang-joon is a South Korean actor and singer
Kris WuNovember 6, 1990Canadian, ChineseKris Wu is a Chinese-Canadian actor, model and singer
Julian CasablancasAugust 23, 1978AmericanJulian Casablancas is a musician who serves as the lead singer of the rock band The Strokes
Lucki StarrJanuary 27, 1998AmericanLucki Starr is an American singer and songwriter
Bernie TaupinMay 22, 1950BritishBernie Taupin is an English singer, lyricist, and poet
Jimi HendrixNovember 27, 1942AmericanExplore through the life of Jimmy Hendrix, an American guitarist, song-writer and singer.
Cherilyn SarkisianMay 20, 1946AmericanCher is a well-known American singer and actress
Raini Alena RodriguezJuly 1, 1993AmericanCheck out all that you wanted to know about Raini Rodriguez, the famous American singer & actress; her birthday, her family and personal life, her boyfriends, fun trivia facts and more.
Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd

Cher Lloyd is an English singer, songwriter, and rapper

BritishJuly 28, 1993106 views

Alberta Hunter

Alberta Hunter was famous as a blues singer and songwriter

AmericanApril 1, 189592 views

Lucki Starr

Lucki Starr is an American singer and songwriter

AmericanJanuary 27, 1998499 views

Katrina Law

Katrina Law is an American actress, singer and model

AmericanSeptember 30, 1985167 views

Zac Efron

Zachary David Alexander "Zac" Efron is an American actor and singer whose tryst with the showbiz started as a teenager

AmericanOctober 18, 1987168 views

Fats Waller

Fats Waller was a renowned pianist, Jazz singer and organist

AmericanMay 21, 1904138 views

Tori Amos

Tori Amos is an American pianist, singer-songwriter and composer

AmericanAugust 22, 1963164 views

Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie Lynn Spears is a talented American actress and singer

AmericanApril 4, 1991128 views

Emma Blackery

All about American YouTube vlogger, singer & songwriter, Emma Louise Blackery; her age, birthday, boyfriends, net worth, and some fun facts.

BritishNovember 11, 1991151 views

Dani Cimorelli

Dani Cimorelli is an American Singer & social media star

AmericanJune 15, 2000295 views