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Breanna Yde's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Breanna Yde, the famous Australian TV actress; her birthday, her family and personal life, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdayJune 11, 2003
FamousSingers, Film & Theater Personalities, Actresses
Known asBreanna Nicole Yde
  • Westlake Elementary School
  • Westlake Village
  • California
Birth PlaceSydney, Australia
Born CountryAustralia
FatherBill Yde
Sun SignGemini
Born inSydney, Australia
Famous asActress, singer

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Who is Breanna Yde?

Breanna Yde is an Australian born American young actress who has achieved much success within a short span of time. Today, she is not only a Nickelodeon star but also a widely known celebrity with a fan following of over 600K across various social media channels. Right now she is being feted everywhere for her strong performance as Tomika, the bassist and vocalist, in the Nickelodeon TV series ‘School of Rock’, a remake of the award winning 2003 film starring Jack Black. In real life too, Breanna is a good singer and quite a versatile instrumentalist being able to play a whole range of musical instruments, especially the piano and the guitar. Her work day is hectic with nearly eight hours of filming and three hours of studies but on weekends you are likely to find her playing golf, basketball or tennis. She has two dogs.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

When the acting bug bit her at the age of six, Breanna’s father arranged for her to start taking acting and music lessons at John Robert Powers school in San Diego in 2009. “She said she wanted to act, so we just supported it,” says her father Bill, who is the co-founder of Global Traffic Network, a media company. “She likes to do a lot of things. We support everything she’s interested in, so she hopefully finds the thing she really likes,” he adds. Within a few months, the Los Angeles-based Coast to Coast Talent Group picked her up after watching her perform at the International Presentation of Performers in Las Vegas. She hasn’t looked back since. Initially, it began with a few commercials followed by lead roles in two short films produced by the San Diego State University. Then in 2010, while training with Young Actors Space, she got a supporting role in the low budget film ‘Level 26: Dark Prophecy.’ In the same year, she achieved what she had initially set out to do - become a TV actress – when she landed a supporting role in the TV series ‘How I met Your Mother.’ Then in 2012, after her family relocated to Los Angeles to reduce her tiresome commute to Hollywood, her excitement knew no bounds when she got a call-up from her favourite TV channel Nickelodeon to be a regular in their series ‘Haunted Hathways’ playing the role of Frankie Hathaway. She hasn’t been out of work ever since, landing one assignment after another. Even as she continues to film for ‘School of Rock’, which will go into its third season in 1917, she has completed shooting for the TV film ‘Escape from Mr Lemoncello’s Library’ that is now in the post-production stage. Till date her work portfolio is impressive with 12 credits each as an actress and as herself in films and TV serials respectively and 13 commercials apart from a few voice overs and other assignments.

What Makes Breanna Yde So Special

“Always try your best, give a 110 percent and never give up,” says the hugely talented and hardworking Breanna Yde. Her passion for acting, however, is what sets her apart from most others. “She comes home at night and is tired, but when she gets up to go to the set again, she’s so excited and can’t wait to get down there and get going. She loves doing it,” says her father. Even as a little girl she liked to pretend she was Tom Cruise doing stunt scenes. Despite her young age she is thoroughly professional in her approach. Talking about her and the other child stars in the TV show ‘School of Rock’, Tony Cavalero, who plays Dewey Finn, said “They are the nicest, funniest and most talented kids I know. They’re complete professionals in every way, yet amazingly they haven’t forgotten how to be genuine, lighthearted, joyful kids at the same time.” This eclectic mix of passion, proficiency and professionalism combined with an ability to enjoy herself despite a back-breaking work load makes her truly special.

Beyond Fame

Apart from acting, music is her other passion. “Music has always been a big part of my life,” she says by way of an explanation as to why she auditioned for the role of Tomika. She is quite versatile and plays as many as five instruments - ukulele, guitar, bass, piano and drums. She also writes her own songs and sings. She has also done covers of songs by Adele, Meghan Trainor and others. Considering herself to be a tomboy, she loves to play sports such as football, golf, tennis and basketball. Surfing, skiing and juggling are some of her other pastimes. She is an animal lover and owns two dogs – a yellow Labrador and a white Bichon named Snowflake. She also spends time supporting social causes such as helping those suffering from autism.

Behind The Curtains

Born in Australia, child actress Breanna Yde, the youngest of Australian entrepreneur Bill Yde’s six children, moved to Rancho Santa Fe, California in 2008 at the ripe old age of five. Within a year, she became a big fan of Nickelodeon and decided she wanted to be on television. Her parents promptly arranged for her to start taking acting and singing lessons. She got her first acting assignment when she was just six, and the rest as they say, is history. Little is known about her private life and she is too young to get into any serious romantic relationships. Her parents are happily married and she has two older sisters and three older brothers of which four are already adults. Her mother is half Filipino. Breanna Yde is a citizen of both Australia and the United States.


Breanna loves food and cooking but she will plump for a mac and cheese any day, anytime!

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Breanna Yde's FAQ

  • What is Breanna Yde birthday?

    Breanna Yde was born at 2003-06-11

  • Where is Breanna Yde's birth place?

    Breanna Yde was born in Sydney, Australia

  • What is Breanna Yde nationalities?

    Breanna Yde's nationalities is American

  • What was Breanna Yde universities?

    Breanna Yde studied at Westlake Elementary School, Westlake Village, California

  • How tall is Breanna Yde?

    Breanna Yde's height is 152

  • Who is Breanna Yde's father?

    Breanna Yde's father is Bill Yde

  • What is Breanna Yde's sun sign?

    Breanna Yde is Gemini

  • How famous is Breanna Yde?

    Breanna Yde is famouse as Actress, singer

  • What is Breanna Yde's facebook?

    Breanna Yde's facebook is

  • What is Breanna Yde's twitter?

    Breanna Yde's twitter is

  • What is Breanna Yde's instagram?

    Breanna Yde's instagram is