When it comes to contemporary western music, drummers play a key role in maintaining the rhythm and adding to the musical timbre. The role of a good drummer in a jazz or rock band should never be underestimated! Musician Bruce Springsteen has always been generous in recognizing the role his long-term drummer Max Weinberg played in the success of his band. Other musicians too have acknowledged the significance of having a credible drummer in the band. French bandleader Christian Vander is also a drummer credited to have contributed greatly to the success of the bands he played for. Talking of the top drummers of all time, how can we forget Guns N' Roses' Steven Adler whose signature drumming style helped the band carve their own niche during their hey days? Drumming is primarily considered a man’s domain but exuberant women drummers like Cindy Blackman prove that the ladies aren’t far behind when it comes to playing the percussion instruments! Karen Carpenter, Meg White, Leah Shapiro, and Maureen Tucker are among the awesome women drummers who have proved their mettle in the male-dominated drumming scenario. Check out this section to know more about the life and works of famous drummers.