Surgeons are those physicians who treat medical conditions like diseases, injuries or deformities using surgical methods. Surgeries are complicated procedures where the body tissues are physically amended and can be invasive, minimally-invasive, or non-invasive. Performing surgery requires a high degree of precision and skill and thus surgeons need to be very alert and responsive while treating patients. Being a professional surgeon is both mentally and physically taxing. They are required to stand for hours while performing surgery while maintaining their mental alertness. They also have to work long and irregular hours. The level of stress and pressure is high as in many cases the life of the patient depends on the surgeon. However at the same time, the satisfaction of saving lives can be immense. Since the human body is complex, many surgeons specialize in performing surgery on a particular area of the body. Cardiac surgeons specialize in performing heart operations while neurosurgeons treat the brain and the nervous system. Surgeons may also specialize upon the category of patients they treat. Pediatric surgeons work with children while gynecologic surgeons operate exclusively on women. Surgeons closely collaborate with other healthcare specialists and anesthesiologists before, during and after surgery. Read on to know about the famous surgeons from all over the world who have saved many precious lives with their dedication and hard work.