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Skylar Stecker's Personal Details

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BirthdayApril 24, 2002
FamousSocial Media Personality, Actresses, Social Media Stars, Singers
SiblingsDorsett Stecker (Younger Brother)
Known asSkylar Stecker
Birth PlaceTampa, Florida, USA
FatherAaron Stecker
MotherKara Stecker
Sun SignTaurus
Born inTampa, Florida, USA
Famous asSinger, Actress and Social Media Personality

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Who is Skylar Stecker?

Skylar Stecker is an ambitious singer who is interested in building a great career in singing and acting as well. She was a child prodigy who showed good interest in music from a very young age. She followed her passion by giving small performances and competing in the local competitions. Her professional career started when she performed at the International Modeling & Talent Association Awards in the year 2012 which were held in Los Angeles. In the competition, she was recognized as the best singer and the most sought after talent. Gaining notice for her performance in the competition, she got the opportunity to sing the American national anthem at Wisconsin Badgers. She also gave performances along with other child artists like MattyBRaps. After she got a start in her career, she has also relied on social media to advance her career.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

By the year 2013, Skyler Stecker had started to write her own songs. Her first original song ‘Little Bit Too Much’ was published in the year 2013 on YouTube and got more than one million views in just four months. After the success of her first song, she started to regularly update her YouTube channel with her original songs. In the same year, she got a chance in acting too. She got a guest role in the popular ABC comedy ‘Super Fun Night’ starring Rebel Wilson. Her performance in the guest role was appreciated both by her fans and critics alike. This role helped Skylar Stecker in improving her popularity as a multifaceted talent. She later won some other acting roles in TV series like ‘Austin & Ally’ and ‘Bad Hair Day’ in the year 2015.

In the year 2015, Skylar Stecker released her first studio album. The album featured a number of singles like ‘Rooftop’, ‘Rascal’, and ‘Crazy Beautiful’ which were also released individually in the same year. The release of the studio album improved her stature as a mainstream artist rather than a mere social media star. In order to give a further boost to her career and get closer to her fans, she started going on singing tours with other stars. In December 2015, she announced that she will go on a nationwide tour with pop and hip-hop stars Kalin and Myles. The tour was successful and helped Skyler Stecker in improving her brand image. In January 2016, she got an opportunity to work with Walt Disney− one of the biggest media companies in the world. Walt Disney Records, a part of the Walt Disney group, signed her for a single album called ‘Wish Now.’ It is a remix album and will be associated with an animated series produced by Walt Disney called ‘Disney Star Darlings.’ With such a major contract in her pocket, Skyler Stecker can hope to grow as a leading singer in USA.

What Makes Skylar Stecker So Special

Skyler Stecker has grown from being an internet star to a budding singer in the USA through her sheer hard work. What makes her really special is that she has multiple talents. She can very easily switch her roles from being a singer to an endearing actor who can mesmerize children.

Beyond Fame

Skylar Stecker has always stayed away from controversies. She is not known to have any affairs with boyfriends. Rather than using her fame for the purpose of only earning money, she believes in devoting her time to charitable causes. From a young age, she used to be very caring towards animals. She has participated in a number of funding raising events for the protection of animals. In recognition of her efforts towards the conservation of animals, she was awarded with “Libby Award- Best Use of Internet Stardom for Animals” in December 2015. Her love for animals has also prompted her to go vegan.

Behind the Curtains

Skyler Stecker had a normal childhood surrounded by her caring family. After she decided to make a career in singing and acting, her family decided to move to California which is closer to the entertainment industry. Looking at her interest in music, her parents encouraged her in leaning music. Her mother took her to the concert of Beyonce after Skyler Stecker expressed interest in doing so when she heard the song ‘All the Single Ladies’ in their car.

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After becoming a singer, Skylar Stecker has performed for some of the professional sports teams in the USA like Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers, New Orleans Saints, and Green Bay Packers.

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Skylar Stecker's FAQ

  • What is Skylar Stecker birthday?

    Skylar Stecker was born at 2002-04-24

  • Where is Skylar Stecker's birth place?

    Skylar Stecker was born in Tampa, Florida, USA

  • What is Skylar Stecker nationalities?

    Skylar Stecker's nationalities is American

  • Who is Skylar Stecker siblings?

    Skylar Stecker's siblings is Dorsett Stecker (Younger Brother)

  • Who is Skylar Stecker's father?

    Skylar Stecker's father is Aaron Stecker

  • Who is Skylar Stecker's mother?

    Skylar Stecker's mother is Kara Stecker

  • What is Skylar Stecker's sun sign?

    Skylar Stecker is Taurus

  • How famous is Skylar Stecker?

    Skylar Stecker is famouse as Singer, Actress and Social Media Personality

  • What is Skylar Stecker's facebook?

    Skylar Stecker's facebook is

  • What is Skylar Stecker's twitter?

    Skylar Stecker's twitter is

  • What is Skylar Stecker's instagram?

    Skylar Stecker's instagram is