Famous Alumni of Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art - Celebrities from Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art

The Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art, also known as ‘RADA’, is one of the handful institutions around the world, which offers courses in performance art. For those interested in cinema and plays, pursuing a course at RADA could prove to be fruitful. The students are offered several facilities, such as exclusive studios for acting, sound designing and make up. This renowned institution was started back in 1904, by yesteryear actor Herbert Beerbohm Tree and has since evolved by leaps and bounds. Five theatres and a movie hall are situated in RADA’s premises, thus providing the students enough scope to exhibit their craft. The institution has produced several precious gems who have contributed immensely towards the field of art. Legendary actors like Anthony Hopkins, Peter O’Toole, Alan Rickman and filmmaker belong to the list of RADA’s notable alumni. Sir Richard Attenborough is considered a school of filmmaking by many cinema lovers. Many aspirants watch his films not merely for entertainment but for intellectual engagement and become better at their craft as well. Attenborough was also the president of the Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art and did everything possible for the betterment of the institution. Anthony Hopkins is best known for his role in the thriller ‘Silence Of The Lambs’. He has also acted in several other critically and commercially acclaimed flicks. Listed below are the names of several noteworthy icons of performance art who once studied at Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art. These individuals have earned several accolades for their outstanding achievements in the field of art.

Check out the list of notable Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art (RADA) alumni. Some of the notable Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art (RADA) students are Ralph Fiennes, Roger Moore, Joan Collins, Anthony Hopkins and Alan Rickman.

The Most Famous Alumni of Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art

Alan BatesFebruary 17, 1934BritishSir Alan Arthur Bates was an English actor considered amongst the finest performers of his generation
Diane CilentoOctober 5, 1933AustralianDiane Cilento was an Australian actress known for her work in the movie ‘Tom Jones.’
Joan CollinsMay 23, 1933BritishJoan Collins is a British actress and author best known for playing the vengeful ex-wife, Alexis Carrington Colby, in the prime time television drama ‘Dynasty’.
Mark RylanceJanuary 18, 1960BritishMark Rylance is an Academy Award-winning English actor and also a theatre director and playwright
Allison JanneyNovember 19, 1959AmericanAllison Brooks Janney is a famous American actress
Michael SheenFebruary 5, 1969BritishMichael Sheen is a famous Welsh actor
Anthony HopkinsDecember 31, 1937British, American, WelshAnthony Hopkins is considered to be one of the greatest actors ever
Ralph FiennesDecember 22, 1962BritishRalph Fiennes is a noted English stage and film actor
Alan RickmanFebruary 21, 1946BritishAlan Rickman is a renowned stage actor also known for his film performances
Clive OwenOctober 3, 1964BritishClive Owen is an English theater, television and cinema actor
Michael Sheen

Michael Sheen

Michael Sheen is a famous Welsh actor

BritishFebruary 5, 1969190 views

Celia Johnson

Celia Johnson was an English actress who bewitched the audience with her performance on both stage and the screen during 1920s-1970s

AmericanDecember 18, 1908149 views

Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins is considered to be one of the greatest actors ever

BritishDecember 31, 1937178 views

Peter O'Toole

Peter Seamus O'Toole was a British-Irish stage and film actor

IrishAugust 2, 1932142 views

Trevor Howard

Trevor Howard was an English actor best known for his role of a sensitive doctor in the romantic drama film, ‘Brief Encounter’.

Laurence Harvey

Laurence Harvey was a Lithuanian-born South African actor best known for his role in ‘Room at the Top.’ This biography of Laurence Harvey provides detailed information about his childhood, life, achievements, works & timeline.

Charles Laughton

Charles Laughton was an English actor counted amongst the most versatile performers of his generation

AmericanJuly 1, 189990 views

Harold Pinter

Harold Pinter was an English playwright, poet, screenwriter, director, actor who won the 2005 Nobel Prize in Literature

BritishOctober 10, 1930113 views

Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman is a renowned stage actor also known for his film performances

BritishFebruary 21, 1946170 views

Richard Attenborough

Richard Attenborough was an actor and film director best known for his Academy Award winning movie, ‘Gandhi’

BritishAugust 29, 1923115 views