Thanks to movies, books and pictures on the internet, the image of people wearing feathers on their heads is what conjures up in the minds of most people on hearing ‘native Americans’. Several movies in recent times, including the critically and commercially acclaimed ‘The Revenant’ has revolved around Americans and their conflicts with the US military. Warriors like Red Cloud, Geronimo and Crazy Horse, ballerina Maria Tall Chief, actor Will Rogers and Pocahontas are a few famous native Americans, who have great historic significance. Pocahontas is a famous figure who has got many people around the world curious. According to legends, Pocahontas was a kind-hearted woman who saved an Englishman who almost died at the hands of her American father. Red Cloud, Geronimo and Cloud Horse are warriors who revolted against the US military forces and gave the sophisticated army troops nightmares. Will Rogers is an actor who has essayed several roles in almost 71 films and has penned several articles. Here are the names of other famous yesteryear Americans the history books probably didn’t tell you.

Pocahontas, Will Rogers and Red Cloud are a few famous native Americans.