Famous people born in 1939

    Chuck Wepner

    Chuck Wepner

    Chuck Wepner is a retired boxer whose life has been the subject of many Hollywood films

    AmericanFebruary 26, 1939105 views

    Joe Clark

    Joe Clark is a Canadian politician, journalist, writer and businessman who served as the 16th Prime Minister of Canada between 1979 and 1980

    CanadianJune 5, 1939246 views

    Sir Harold W. Kroto

    Sir Harold Walter Kroto was a Nobel Prize winning English chemist

    BritishOctober 7, 1939126 views

    Daniel Chee Tsui

    Daniel Chee Tsui is a Chinese-born American physicist known for his research in semiconductors and solid-state physics

    AmericanFebruary 28, 1939162 views

    Sidney Altman

    Sidney Altman is a Canadian-American molecular biologist who was bestowed with the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1989

    CanadianMay 7, 1939131 views

    Jean-Marie Lehn

    Jean-Marie Lehn is an eminent French chemist who was one of the joint recipients of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1987

    FrenchSeptember 30, 193991 views

    Paul Winfield

    Paul Winfield was an American actor who was well known for the quality roles he portrayed in theatre, television and films

    AmericanMay 22, 193994 views

    Susumu Tonegawa

    Susumu Tonegawa is a Japanese molecular biologist who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1987

    Emil Constantinescu

    Emil Constantinescu is a Romanian politician who served as the President of Romania from 1996 to 2000