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Missouri, a state in the Midwestern region of the United States, is situated along the river of the same name. The river Missouri holds the record for being the longest river in the whole of North America and perhaps this is why this state is popular all over the world, not just the USA. It is believed that there are more than 6000 located in this American state. However, the state has several other interesting facts associated with it, apart from its natural wonders. One such fact is that Missouri is home to several famous celebrities who share a special bond with the state. Former American president Harry S Truman, writer Mark Twain, actor Don Cheadle, musician & rapper Eminem as well as pop icon Akon are a few famous celebrities who hail from this American state. Mark Twain’s path-breaking literary works aren’t just a treat to book lovers, but they have also inspired many to pursue a full-fledged career in writing. In fact, each of these celebrities has contributed to the society in several ways. We have compiled a list consisting of names of several celebrities who hail from Missouri.

Evan Peters, Eminem, Matt Bomer, Yogi Berra & Akon are some of the celebrities who hail from Missouri.

The Most Famous People From Missouri

Melissa BrimSeptember 30, 1975AmericanMelissa Brim is the ex-girlfriend of former professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr
SZANovember 8, 1990AmericanSZA is an American singer-songwriter known for her debut studio album ‘Ctrl.’
Hitman HollaMarch 29, 1988AmericanHitman Holla (Gerald Fulton, Jr.) is an American battle rapper known for his unmatched punch lines and aggressive spirit
James FranciscusJanuary 31, 1934AmericanJames Grover Franciscus was an American actor
Kimora Lee SimmonsMay 4, 1975AmericanKimora Lee Simmons is a former American fashion model
Budd DwyerNovember 21, 1939AmericanBudd Dwyer was an American politician who served as the 30th Head of Treasury of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Dale CarnegieNovember 24, 1888AmericanDale Carnegie was an illustrious American writer, developer, and lecturer of well-known courses in self-improvement and public speaking
ZexyZekMarch 24, 1999AmericanJohn Morin aka ZexyZek is an American gaming YouTuber
Leon SpinksJuly 11, 1953AmericanLeon Spinks is an American former boxer who became the world heavyweight champion in 1978
Stan KroenkeJuly 29, 1947AmericanStan Kroenke is an American tycoon who owns Kroenke Sports & Entertainment
Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen is an American singer, songwriter, and actress

AmericanJuly 26, 1993332 views

Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie was an illustrious American writer, developer, and lecturer of well-known courses in self-improvement and public speaking

AmericanNovember 24, 1888481 views