Matilda Devries
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Who is Matilda Devries?

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With a fan base consisting of both young and old, little Matilda Devries is already quite the star on social media platforms, thanks to her incredible talent. Singing since a very young age, Miss Devries has set herself apart from her peers by performing the covers of several hit songs by major artists. We humans are naturally inclined to have an affinity towards songs sung by young ones. Thanks to the social media boom over the past few years, talented kids like Matilda have gained a lot of visibility. Matilda has garnered over 150,000 views for her music videos uploaded on ‘YouTube’ and a lot of support from her viewers from almost all over the world. May all good things come your way! Keep going higher, little Matilda!

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Matilda Devries The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Matilda Devries was born into a super talented and supportive family. Since both her siblings were famous singers, Devries obviously grew up listening to their jam sessions, indirectly training her ears to the musical tones and notes. Matilda, also fondly known as Tilly, the youngest in the family, knew she was as gifted in singing as her older brothers. Maybe the brothers influenced her or trained her, but soon enough Matilda realized her future lies in singing and performing.

Matilda, who started her journey by featuring in her brother’s song, hoped that one day she could take over stage shows and captivate people with her rendition of popular songs. Soon enough, Miss Devries did just that. Matilda is now part of a duo called ‘Daddy Said 2’, where she collaborates with another singer named Trinity. The duo felt really motivated and confident when their ‘YouTube’ music videos managed to reach at least 220,000 viewers. With this kind of success, there was no stopping for Miss Matilda. With over 5 music videos, ‘Daddy Said 2’ skyrocketed to fame, giving little Matilda all the fame she deserves.

Matilda Devries What Makes the Person So Special

Her simplicity and adorable personality, both on and off-screen, makes Matilda more special than she already is. Not to forget that her acting skills are on point and that at a very young age, she always aspired to do what she’s doing right now: sing and perform in her own music videos. She might not have released her own singles, but looking at Tilly’s hit renditions on ‘YouTube’, seems like she will surely take over the music industry one day!

Her dedication and passion to make it big and her super friendly personality are some of the qualities which make her one of a kind.

Matilda Devries Beyond Fame

Though Tilly has gained her fame through her ‘YouTube’ music videos, she is also quite the star on various social media platforms. Her clips, uploaded on popular sites like ‘’, have been received well and have earned Matilda a lot of followers. Tilly is also seen showcasing her dancing skills in most of her or her brothers’ music videos. You are one massive talent house, Tilly!

Matilda Devries Behind The Curtains

Matilda Devries was born in Port Talbot, Wales, U.K, on 31st December, 2003 to Victoria and Antonio Devries. She has two older brothers named Leondre and Joseph Devries. While Leondre is a rapper and part of a band named ‘Bars and Melody’, Joseph is a part of a band called ‘Overload’. Their mom Victoria has been spotted in quite a few vlogs of Leondre’s.

Matilda Devries Trivia

She is also a ‘’ star

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Frequently asked questions about Matilda Devries

  • What is Matilda Devries birthday?

    Matilda Devries was born at December 31, 2003

  • Where is Matilda Devries's birth place?

    Matilda Devries was born in Wales

  • What is Matilda Devries nationalities?

    Matilda Devries's nationalities is British

  • Who is Matilda Devries siblings?

    Matilda Devries's siblings is Joseph Devries, Leondre Devries

  • Who is Matilda Devries's father?

    Matilda Devries's father is Antonio Devries

  • Who is Matilda Devries's mother?

    Matilda Devries's mother is Victoria Devries

  • What is Matilda Devries's sun sign?

    Matilda Devries is Capricorn

  • What is Matilda Devries's twitter?

    Matilda Devries's twitter is