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Adam Dahlberg's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Adam Dahlberg, the famous YouTuber and gamer; his birthday, his family and personal life, his wife, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdayJanuary 17, 1992
FamousGamer, Youtubers, Instagram Stars, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Gamers
Group of peopleMinecraft Youtubers
SpousesAlesa Dahlberg
Known asSkyDoesMinecraft
  • High School
Birth PlaceWashington
Sun SignCapricorn
Born inWashington
Famous asYouTuber, Gamer

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Who is Adam Dahlberg?

Adam Dahlberg is a fun-loving YouTuber who spends most of his time in the euphoric world of Minecraft. He started off as a Let’s Play-type YouTuber for Runescape. This guy has apparently, built an army of so called ‘recruits’, who are his fans and follow his methods in playing Minecraft. Most of his videos are playthroughs of various mods which are available for the game. He also produces a lot of videos with his fellow YouTubers, at least one video per day is the current update frequency. He uses the name ‘SkythekidRS’ as his Minecraft alias while his YouTube channel’s name is ‘SkyDoesMinecraft’. Most of his social networking names start with the set prefix – ‘SkyDoes’. He usually opens his videos saying “Hey guys, Sky here for another...” and closes the video saying, “Anyway guys, I’m Sky and see you later recruits.” He’s the reason why gold ingots are now widely called ‘Budder’ in Minecraft. He has mentioned that he stole the name ‘Sky’ from his sister’s Runescape account.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Adam Dahlberg was just another YouTuber back in 2011, who just wanted to watch videos which made him feel better. His first video was a playthrough of the beta version of Minecraft where he went on explaining about the game while demonstrating everything described. Adam was aspiring to be a voice actor before he went full-time making videos for YouTube, he used the skill get to the point where his channel was the nineteenth most subscribed channel. It took almost 2 years for him to get to a 1 million subscriber count. He was sent a compilation of appreciation clips made by his friends both on YouTube and IRL. He states that he had made the channel to make people laugh and brighten up their day, the same thing he felt from visiting YouTube before it all started. He has also mentioned the same in many of his videos.

What Makes Adam Dahlberg So Special

Inside his bubbly and silly exterior, a mask Adam often puts on to brighten up people’s day, he is a sensitive and a mature individual who values everyone’s emotions. In November 2016 he posted a video against cyber bullying and how depression must be handled. Adam was found that teens and even younger kids follow his channel and that they look up to him, so he made an objective to censor everything he uploads appropriately. Now on to the gaming side of things, Adam AKA Sky is very creative in building and exploring the infinite world of Minecraft. From reviewing mods to hosting fun fist-fights among his friends, Adam makes sure that every block of Minecraft is funny and constructive.

Beyond Fame

Not only this guy posts a series of Minecraft playthroughs, he also worked hard and pursued his dream as a voice actor. He voices the second protagonist of the anime series ‘Tokyo ESP’, called Kyotaro Azuma. He also has a little over a million followers on his instagram ‘skydoesstuff’.

Behind The Curtains

Adam had a highly dysfunctional family during his childhood as he mentioned in one of his videos that his biological father was an alcoholic. His mother often took pain killers trying to killer herself while his sister often had to stay in rehabilitation. He was adopted into his current family. He dated Rachel AKA Dawnables, a member of Team Crafted, till June 2013 who he was first engaged to. Adam has come out as bisexual on Twitter on October 16 2013, saying, "After all the gay things I’ve seen and poked fun at, Skylox, etc, I feel now is a great time to say publicly, I’m bisexual. Bring it, haters." He is currently married to Alesa Dahlberg with whom he has a son named Mason. This couple created a YouTube series called ‘Love Craft Survival’ where they face challenges thrown in by viewers. In the video he posted on 15 December 2016, he mentions that Alesa and he might separate, but it is still inconclusive as the couple previously got through a break up in mid-2014. He was also diagnosed with Bulimia Nervosa after being over 300 pounds during his teens.


Adam has appeared in Lady Gaga’s music video 'G.U.Y.' as "Minecraft Gamer".

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Adam Dahlberg's FAQ

  • What is Adam Dahlberg birthday?

    Adam Dahlberg was born at 1992-01-17

  • Where is Adam Dahlberg's birth place?

    Adam Dahlberg was born in Washington

  • What is Adam Dahlberg nationalities?

    Adam Dahlberg's nationalities is American

  • Who is Adam Dahlberg spouses?

    Adam Dahlberg's spouses is Alesa Dahlberg

  • What was Adam Dahlberg universities?

    Adam Dahlberg studied at High School

  • How tall is Adam Dahlberg?

    Adam Dahlberg's height is 178

  • What is Adam Dahlberg's sun sign?

    Adam Dahlberg is Capricorn

  • How famous is Adam Dahlberg?

    Adam Dahlberg is famouse as YouTuber, Gamer

  • What is Adam Dahlberg's facebook?

    Adam Dahlberg's facebook is

  • What is Adam Dahlberg's twitter?

    Adam Dahlberg's twitter is!/SkyDoesTweeting

  • What is Adam Dahlberg's youtube?

    Adam Dahlberg's youtube is

  • What is Adam Dahlberg's instagram?

    Adam Dahlberg's instagram is