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Lawyers are the professionals who practice law as an attorney, counsel or solicitor. They are involved with the practical application of legal theories and knowledge to solve specific problems related to social and political justice. Lawyers provide legal advice to their clients, who can be individuals, businesses, the government, or other organizations. Judges are the appointed magistrates who preside over court proceedings. They may preside alone or as a part of a panel of judges. A judge is supposed to be impartial and issue the ruling after hearing all the witnesses, examining evidences, and by assessing the credibility of the parties involved. Different countries and states have different legal systems, and thus the powers and functions of judges wary widely across jurisdictions. Judges also supervise legal proceedings and uphold the rights of individuals involved in a legal process while ensuring that trials are conducted according to established rules and procedures. To become a judge, one must hold a law degree and should have practiced as a lawyer. The legal profession is a highly demanding one; it requires a high level of analytical skills, critical thinking, and reasoning powers. Read on to learn more about the life and works of famous lawyers & judges from all over the world.

The Most Famous Lawyers & Judges

Sunny HostinOctober 20, 1968AmericanSunny Hostin is an American lawyer, social commentator, columnist and journalist
Jerry SheindlinNovember 19, 1933AmericanJerry Sheindlin is an American judge, author, and television personality
Thomas GirardiJune 3, 1939AmericanThomas Girardi is an American attorney who co-founded the law firm, Girardi & Keese
Geraldo RiveraJuly 4, 1943AmericanGeraldo Rivera is an American reporter, author, attorney, and talk show host
Vicki IovineJanuary 13, 1954AmericanVicki Iovine is an American author, model, and lawyer
Sally YatesAugust 20, 1960AmericanSally Caroline Yates is an American lawyer, who served as the United States Attorney and later as the United States Deputy Attorney General
Jeanine PirroJune 2, 1951AmericanJeanine Pirro is an American TV personality, and former prosecutor and politician
Thurgood MarshallJuly 2, 1908AmericanThurgood Marshall was an Associate Justice of the United States’ Supreme Court
Judith SheindlinOctober 21, 1942AmericanJudith Sheindlin is a famous American lawyer, judge and reality television star
Antonin ScaliaMarch 11, 1936AmericanAntonin Scalia currently serves as the Associate Justice of United States
Salmon P. Chase

Salmon P. Chase

Salmon Portland Chase was an American jurist and politician and served as the sixth Chief Justice of the United States

AmericanJanuary 13, 1808200 views

Richard Henry Dana Jr.

Richard Henry Dana Jr

AmericanAugust 1, 1815186 views

Kimba Wood

Kimba Maureen Wood is a Senior United States District Judge

AmericanJanuary 21, 1944226 views

Learned Hand

Learned Hand was a great American jurist and judicial philosopher

AmericanJanuary 27, 1872127 views

John Marshall

John Marshall was an American lawyer and served as the fourth Chief Justice of the U.S

AmericanSeptember 24, 1755223 views

John Jay

John Jay was one of the Founding Fathers of the United States and the first Chief Justice of the nation

AmericanDecember 12, 1745132 views

John Foster Dulles

John Foster Dulles was an influential U.S

AmericanFebruary 25, 1888200 views

John Dean

John Dean was the White House Counsel for President Richard Nixon, who was involved in the infamous, Watergate Scandal.

AmericanOctober 14, 1938150 views