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Kristina Pimenova's Personal Details

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BirthdayDecember 27, 2005
FamousInstagram Star, Models, Instagram Stars, Instagram Models, Social Media Stars
SiblingsNatalia Pimenov
Birth PlaceMoscow, Russia
FatherRuslan Pimenov
MotherGlikeriya Shirokova
Sun SignCapricorn
Born inMoscow, Russia
Famous asInstagram Star, Model

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Who is Kristina Pimenova?

There was a time when the term ‘Supermodels’ reminded us of glam dolls like Tyra Banks and Cindy Crawford. Seems like the times have indeed changed and it’s just surreal to see young children as young as 4 or 5 years, enter the fashion industry and exhibit glamour. Kristina Pimenova is undoubtedly one of the most successful supermodels of the younger generation. And what makes her so special? Kristina is just 11 years old and has already taken the media by the storm! Flawless and poised with a sight to behold, this gorgeous young lady knew more about the fashion world even before she turned 8. With a legion of fans and admirers on social media, Kristina seems to be on the right path and many of her well-wishers are just hoping that she fetches many laurels in her showbiz journey.

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Rise to Stardom

Born to a mom who was once a model herself, it’s safe to say that Miss Kristina hit the lottery with the beautiful genes, helping her venture into this lucrative modeling industry. Kristina’s first tryst with fame was at the age of 4, when her mom brought in a professional photoshoot crew, helping her get rid of camera fear and be absolutely comfortable in front of the lens. Her mom then sent in the photos to a famous modeling agency called ‘President Kids’, which reverted with several modeling contracts and commercials. Working for major commercials and advertisements even before the age of 9, Kristina’s natural beauty has even caught the attention of leading brands and designers. Featuring in fashion shows since the age of 4 and gracing the front covers of leading magazines like ‘Vogue’ at age 7, Kristina’s career tasted success at a very young age. Her resume doesn’t end there! Now at the age of 11, this beauty queen has achieved way more than most of her peers and other top models, and by the looks of it, she surely owns this game and won’t stop now! With contracts and deals signed with extravagant brands like ‘Roberto Cavalli’, ‘Benetton’, ‘Dolce and Gabbana’, ‘Armani’ and so forth, she has proved that age has nothing to do with fame and success. Kristina started off her modeling journey by working with the agency ‘President Kids’ at 4 and is currently associated with the ‘Youths’ section of the leading, prominent modeling agency ‘LA Models’. Her success and glamour has made her quite popular on social media platforms like ‘Instagram’ and ‘Facebook’, where she’s being followed by more than 4 million. Kristina’s fame is undoubtedly something worth all the praise coming her way.

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What Makes Kristina Pimenova So Special

If you search for ‘The most beautiful girl of the 21st Century’, Kristina Pimenova’s name would probably show up as a result. But with all this stardom at a young tender age, Kristina’s personality somehow remains unaffected or blinded. Not losing touch with the reality, her mom keeps track of Kristina’s social life and makes sure that the little girl does not miss out on the joys of childhood. Despite her impressive photo sessions, which are examples of unparalleled sophistication, Kristina is nothing but a humble and cheerful child, always up for meeting new people and trying something new.

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Beyond Fame

Though Kristina has bowled over half the world with her gorgeous blue eyes and her long blonde hair, she somehow wasn’t spared by the critics and the naysayers. Being hailed as ‘the most beautiful girl’ does have its share shortcomings after all! But amidst the controversies and negative comments, both Kristina and her mom remain distant and unaffected by it, and continue to keep climbing that ladder of success.

Personal Life

Kristina Pimenova was born in Moscow, Russia on December 27, 2005, to Glikeriya Shirokova and Ruslan Pimenov. Her mother Glikeriya is a former model and her dad, Ruslan a former football player. Kristina has a younger sister named Natalia Pimenova. Though little Kristina was born in Moscow, she later moved to LA to pursue her modelling career. When not working on photoshoots or runway projects, Kristina loves spending time with her family, and also train for gymnastics.

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Kristina Pimenova's FAQ

  • What is Kristina Pimenova birthday?

    Kristina Pimenova was born at 2005-12-27

  • Where is Kristina Pimenova's birth place?

    Kristina Pimenova was born in Moscow, Russia

  • What is Kristina Pimenova nationalities?

    Kristina Pimenova's nationalities is Russian

  • Who is Kristina Pimenova siblings?

    Kristina Pimenova's siblings is Natalia Pimenov

  • Who is Kristina Pimenova's father?

    Kristina Pimenova's father is Ruslan Pimenov

  • Who is Kristina Pimenova's mother?

    Kristina Pimenova's mother is Glikeriya Shirokova

  • What is Kristina Pimenova's sun sign?

    Kristina Pimenova is Capricorn

  • How famous is Kristina Pimenova?

    Kristina Pimenova is famouse as Instagram Star, Model

  • What is Kristina Pimenova's facebook?

    Kristina Pimenova's facebook is

  • What is Kristina Pimenova's twitter?

    Kristina Pimenova's twitter is

  • What is Kristina Pimenova's instagram?

    Kristina Pimenova's instagram is