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Jordan Clark's Personal Details

Jordan Clark is a Canadian dancer and actress

BirthdayDecember 29, 1991
FamousDancers, Choreographers, Film & Theater Personalities, Actresses
Birth PlaceTottenham, Ontario, Canada
Sun SignCapricorn
Born inTottenham, Ontario, Canada
Famous asDancer, Actress

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Who is Jordan Clark?

Jordan Clark is a well-known dancer and actor from Canada. Despite starting her career as an actor, she gained reputation as a dancer. Jordan Clark started learning dancing from a very young age and gained expertise quickly. She participated in the fourth season of the famous dance based TV show in Canada, ‘So You Think You Can Dance Canada’ and came out a winner. Later she got an opportunity to appear in another dance based TV show called ‘The Next Thing’. Her performance in the show was critically acclaimed. Being a contortionist, Jordan Clark stands out from other dancers with her mind bending dance moves. She also likes to teach and choreograph others whenever she gets an opportunity. Jordan Clark likes to call herself a perfectionist and works very hard to further improve her dancing skills. She specializes in contemporary and hip-hop dancing styles and most of her performances are in based around these styles.

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Childhood & Early Life

Jordan Clark was born on December 29, 1991 in Tottenham, Ontario, Canada. She has two older sisters, one younger brother, and a younger sister. Names of her parents and siblings are not known.

She started dancing at the age of five. She was trained in different dance forms like acro, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, and contemporary at the Vlad’s Dance Academy in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.

Jordan Clark started getting formal training at the age of twelve. Clark used to spend hours practicing and observing the performance of others at the academy.

In order to pay her training expenses, she also trained other junior trainees during her time at another smaller dance academy.

Despite starting to show interest in dancing, she wanted to become a gymnast after watching a movie whose plot is centered on Gymnastics.

Her mother enrolled her in an arts school when she asked her mother that she wanted to learn backflip (a popular trick in gymnastics). But she was accidentally placed in a dance class. She quickly fell in love with dance and felt that gymnastics and dance were closely related.

She learned dancing eagerly and started nurturing a dream of becoming a successful dancer one day.


Jordan Clark started her career as an actor. She got an opportunity to act in television movies. She acted in two television movies, viz. ‘Spy: Blog Wars’ and ‘Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam’.

After completing her school, she took a year off to get training for the audition of the famous TV dance show ‘So You Think You Can Dance Canada’. She auditioned in the November the same year she started training and impressed the judges. In the audition, she stood top among the top 22 contestants.

She contested in the fourth season of ‘So You Think You Can Dance Canada’ and came out a winner.

After winning a single season of ‘So You Think You Can Dance Canada’, she contested in the audition of a TV show by the ‘Family Show’ network in Canada. She was selected in the audition and acted in the role of ‘Gisselle’ in the TV series ‘The Next Step’.

Her character had very little significance in the initial episodes of the show but by season three her character’s importance grew and ‘Gisselle’ was the dance captain of a troupe. Her performance in the show was acclaimed by critics and the show was renewed for the fourth season.

Other than acting in ‘The Next Step’, Jordan Clark also worked as an assistant choreographer of an episode of the show.

Major Works

‘So You Think You Can Dance Canada’ remains her major work till date. However, her fans can expect more in future as ‘The Next Step’ might be renewed for more seasons due to its spectacular success.

She is a contortionist and was known for her excellent body positions during her dance performances.

Personal Life & Legacy

She now divides her time between Los Angeles, Toronto, and her hometown. During the summers she likes to train kids at the dance academy she attended in her young age.

Jordan Clark likes to keep her personal life a closely guarded secret.


Other than dance, Jordan Clark is also interested in the Gymnastics and Hockey.

Jordan Clark is a foodie and she craves for apples.

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Jordan Clark biography timelines

  • // 29th Dec 1991
    Jordan Clark was born on December 29, 1991 in Tottenham, Ontario, Canada. She has two older sisters, one younger brother, and a younger sister. Names of her parents and siblings are not known.

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Jordan Clark's FAQ

  • What is Jordan Clark birthday?

    Jordan Clark was born at 1991-12-29

  • Where is Jordan Clark's birth place?

    Jordan Clark was born in Tottenham, Ontario, Canada

  • What is Jordan Clark nationalities?

    Jordan Clark's nationalities is Canadian

  • How tall is Jordan Clark?

    Jordan Clark's height is 168

  • What is Jordan Clark's sun sign?

    Jordan Clark is Capricorn

  • How famous is Jordan Clark?

    Jordan Clark is famouse as Dancer, Actress