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Sean Lew's Personal Details

Sean Lew is an American choreographer and dancer

BirthdayNovember 25, 2001
FamousDancers, Choreographers
SiblingsSarah Lew, Serris Lew
Birth PlaceWalnut, California
Sun SignSagittarius
Born inWalnut, California
Famous asDancer, Choreographer

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Who is Sean Lew?

Sean Lew is a multi-talented and versatile little kid who is a dancer, choreographer and cook. Dancing since the ripe old age of four, he is one of the most shining and promising young dancers out there. Anybody who has seen his dance videos can attest to the fact that he can give really stiff competition to a lot of grown-up and professional dancers out there. He became an overnight sensation when a video of him dancing a Miguel Zarate combination to Lady Gaga’s ‘Applause’went viral. Although very young, Lew has a huge fan following and has attained a lot of glory. He has many YouTube videos posted, which also went viral and became popular just because of his dancing style! He has been a choreographer in them too. Apart from dancing and choreographing, he is a very talented cook too. His cooking talent and abilities have found their way to a lot of websites on the Internet such as in the Beast Network where he has a segment called ‘Cooking with Sean Lew.’Also, his most popular recipes are of Monkey Bread and Deep Fried Burgers!

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Rise To Stardom

Sean Lew is an exceptional dancer in his own right. It all started when his performance on Lady Gaga’s‘Applause’ went viral on the internet and he became an overnight sensation and star. Soon after, he landed his first professional job on none other than the TV show ‘Glee’ at the age of eight years old! He has also made an appearance on ‘X- Factor’, ‘Kids Choice Awards’ and even on ‘Rachel vs. Guy: Kids Cook Off.’ Lew has been training at the Mather Dance Studio from the very beginning and continues to do so and the dance studio has played a huge role in his success, since everything began from there. Lew with his appreciable and jaw dropping dance moves has also been a part of the very famous and talented dancing crew, LilBeasts. People who have watched his videos term him as an inspirational dancer and also believe he is going to be a huge superstar in the future. Such is his popularity that his fans and the audience alike wants Ellen DeGeneres to call him on her TV show, ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show!’ He has also impressed the audiences with his amazing performances with ‘CollectiveUth’ and has also toured the United States of America with ‘The Pulse On’ tour as an elite protégé.

What Makes Sean Lew So Special

It is definitely not a secret that Sean Lew is an exceptionally talented dancer but what actually makes him special is how much heart and love he puts into each and every performance of his. It is not just his talent which makes him stand out; it’s his over-all personality and charisma. Whenever he dances with the rest of the crew, he is the one person people have eyes for and almost always overshadows the rest of the dancers. No matter the genre, the young dancer attacks every movement with technique, style and flair. It is because of this that he is one of the youngest and inspirational dancers out there who has attained so much fame in such a short time and young age and has thousands of fans and supporters in California.

Beyond Fame

He is no doubt a big dancing star, an emerging choreographer and a talented cook, but beyond his fame he is just another normal teenage guy who loves his family and maintains close relations with them. This youngster has some really ambitious plans for the future, so stay tuned!

Behind The Curtains

Sean Lew absolutely loves cooking and also plays the piano. He also loves his mother’s home cooked food and loves playing basketball with his father and hanging out with his family in general. His all-timefavourite movie is ‘Step Up 3D’ and he hopes to have his own TV show or perform with any huge artist someday.


Sean Lew has appeared in an episode of ‘See Dad Run’, starring Scott Baio!

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Sean Lew's FAQ

  • What is Sean Lew birthday?

    Sean Lew was born at 2001-11-25

  • Where is Sean Lew's birth place?

    Sean Lew was born in Walnut, California

  • What is Sean Lew nationalities?

    Sean Lew's nationalities is American

  • Who is Sean Lew siblings?

    Sean Lew's siblings is Sarah Lew, Serris Lew

  • Who is Sean Lew's father?

    Sean Lew's father is Chuck

  • Who is Sean Lew's mother?

    Sean Lew's mother is Miya

  • What is Sean Lew's sun sign?

    Sean Lew is Sagittarius

  • How famous is Sean Lew?

    Sean Lew is famouse as Dancer, Choreographer

  • What is Sean Lew's facebook?

    Sean Lew's facebook is

  • What is Sean Lew's twitter?

    Sean Lew's twitter is

  • What is Sean Lew's youtube?

    Sean Lew's youtube is

  • What is Sean Lew's instagram?

    Sean Lew's instagram is