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A musician playing any of the guitar family instruments like the acoustic guitars, bass guitars, electric guitars and the classical guitars is known as a guitarist. Guitar is an immensely popular musical instrument and time and again guitarists have enjoyed great fame and admiration from the masses. To impart an almost vocal quality, guitarists employ several techniques including bending and vibrato and showcase their virtuosity with this versatile instrument. The mellifluent tones of this instrument can hold its audience in trance, and many prominent guitarists through their sheer brilliance and elegance of their craft have left an indelible impression on the world of music. However, the styles of playing the instrument varies depending on the types of string used and may also include techniques used for playing other stringed instruments. Innumerable magazines have compiled the lists of the greatest guitarists of all time including the ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine and ‘Guitar World’ magazine featuring names such as Keith Richards and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Here we bring you the biographies of some of the most successful guitarists of all time with extensive details pertaining to their childhood, career, personal life and legacy.

The Most Famous Guitarists

Israel HoughtonMay 19, 1971AmericanIsrael Houghton is a Grammy award-winning American Christian music recording artist, songwriter, producer and worship leader
Muddy WatersApril 4, 1913AmericanMuddy Waters was a blues musician referred to as the 'father of modern Chicago blues.'
Ross LynchDecember 29, 1995AmericanRoss Lynch is an American actor, singer and musician, who became famous after his role in the television show ‘Austin & Ally.’
Matthew BellamyJune 9, 1978BritishMatthew Bellamy, popularly known as Matt Bellamy, is a popular English musician
Jimmy PageJanuary 9, 1944BritishJimmy Page is an English musician who rose to fame as the guitarist and leader of the rock band Led Zeppelin
Peter ToshOctober 19, 1944JamaicanPeter Tosh was a famous Jamaican Reggae musician and a promoter of Rastafari
Bill WithersJuly 4, 1938AmericanBill Withers is an American singer-songwriter and musician
Stevie Ray VaughanOctober 3, 1954AmericanStevie Ray Vaughan was an American guitarist, musician, singer and songwriter and the founding member of the band ‘Double Trouble’
Robert SmithApril 21, 1959BritishRobert Smith is an English musician and the lead singer of the British rock band, ‘The Cure.’ This biography of Robert Smith gives detailed information on his profile, childhood, life and timeline.
Lita FordSeptember 19, 1958AmericanLita Ford is a guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter associated with the band, The Runaways
Ross Lynch

Ross Lynch

Ross Lynch is an American actor, singer and musician, who became famous after his role in the television show ‘Austin & Ally.’

AmericanDecember 29, 19951,783 views

Trace Cyrus

Trace Cyrus is a famous American musician, vocalist and guitarist

AmericanFebruary 24, 1989325 views

Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris (Adam Richard Wiles) is a Scottish singer, songwriter, DJ and record producer

ScottishJanuary 17, 1984268 views

Frank Vincent Zappa

Frank Zappa was a versatile musician who covered various musical genres over a long and productive career

AmericanDecember 21, 1940114 views

Frank Iero

Frank Iero is an acclaimed American musician

AmericanOctober 31, 1981696 views

Black Francis

Black Francis (Frank Black) is an American singer, songwriter and musician

AmericanApril 6, 1965179 views

Hunter Hayes

Hunter Hays is a famous American country singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter

Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert is a well-known American Country Music singer and songwriter

AmericanNovember 10, 1983124 views

Synyster Gates

Synyster Gates is an American guitarist affiliated with the band Avenged Sevenfold

AmericanJuly 7, 1981519 views

Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean (Jason Aldine Williams) is a well-known American country music singer

AmericanFebruary 28, 1977259 views