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Trace Cyrus's Personal Details

Trace Cyrus is a famous American musician, vocalist and guitarist

BirthdayFebruary 24, 1989
FamousMusicians, Guitarists
SiblingsBraison Cyrus, Christopher Cody Cyrus, Miley Cyrus, Noah Cyrus
Known asTrace Dempsey Cyrus (born Neil Timothy Helson)
  • La Cañada High School
Birth PlaceAshland, Kentucky, United States
Mothernée Finley
Sun SignPisces
Born inAshland, Kentucky, United States
Famous asMusician

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Who is Trace Cyrus?

Trace Dempsey Cyrus is an American singer, guitarist and songwriter presently affiliated with the pop band 'Metro Station', which he formed with Mason Musso. This 28-year-old has managed to carve out his own place under the sun, beyond the shadows of his father, Billy Ray, and superstar sister, Miley. Since childhood, he has gravitated towards music, spending his school holidays with Billy Ray, as he toured and performed across the United States. He left 'La Cañada High School' before graduating in 2006 and took a job at a shopping mall in Burbank, California. In the same year, 'Country Music Has the Blues,' a song co-written by Cyrus, was featured in Billy Ray's album 'Wanna Be Your Joe'. He has also collaborated with Miley, and the likes of Stitches, Lancifer, and Zach Van Dyke, and worked on films such as, 'The House Bunny' (2008) and 'Fragments' (2008). Cyrus got his first tattoo at the age of 18—‘Songs of Victory' written over the wings of a bird on his chest—and the collection grew from there. These days almost his entire upper body is filled with tattoos dedicated to Christian iconography and his family, and the collection is ever-expanding.

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Trace Cyrus first met Musso in 2006 on the sets of 'Hannah Montana'. They soon found that they are musically compatible and decided to form a band. Blake Healy was brought in as a keyboardist, synthesist and bassist. Musso took up the role of the main singer and rhythm guitarist, and Cyrus provided lead guitar and vocals. Anthony Improgo joined the band as the drummer after their song 'Seventeen Forever' was uploaded on the group's 'MySpace' Music page. The group signed a deal with 'Columbia Records' soon after. 'Shake It', a song from their self-titled debut album became a Top Ten Billboard hit single. The band split in 2010, and Cyrus began to pursue a solo career with a project named 'Ashland High'. In 2014, the band reunited and released the single, 'Love & War', and then their second studio album, 'Savior'.

Controversies & Scandals

Being part of the Cyrus family almost organically brings along its shares of scandals and rumors, and Trace hasn't been exempted from that. In 2011, actress Brenda Song, with whom he was in a relationship back then, announced that she was expecting a baby with him. Later, both were seen coming out of a hospital in tears, giving way to rumors that they had opted for an abortion or that it was a miscarriage, which were retracted quickly. Four years later, Song wrote in a since-deleted Instagram post, “I usually never speak of my personal life, but I’d like to clear up some rumors. A few years ago there were rumors that I was pregnant and/or had a miscarriage. I just want to say that those rumors were not true." Song further clarified, stating, “They were just lies and fabrications. I apologize for not clearing this up sooner and for the continual damage that these lies have caused @TraceCyrus. We may no longer be together but I hope he can forgive me and I wish him nothing but the best.” Cyrus, understandably upset, wrote back, “Yes they were lies THAT U MADE UP and told me, my entire family and all our friends.”

Personal Life & Legacy

Born in Ashland, in Kentucky, USA, on February 24, 1989, Neil Timothy Helson is the youngest child of Baxter Neal Helson, a local drummer from Ashland, and Leticia 'Tish' Finley. After their divorce, Tish married Billy Ray, who adopted both Neil and his sister Brandi. They legally changed Neil's name to Trace Dempsey Cyrus. He has two half-sisters Miley and Noah, and a half-brother, Braison. Christopher Cody, Billy Ray's son with Kristin Luckey, is Cyrus' step-brother. Trace has dated socialite Amor Hilton, model Hanna Beth, and singer Demi Lovato. He became engaged to Brenda Song in late 2011. However, it was called off in June 2012. The couple reconciled for a brief period in 2013, but parted ways once more around March 2014.Cyrus is the owner of the clothing company 'From Backseats to Bedrooms'.

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Trace Cyrus's FAQ

  • What is Trace Cyrus birthday?

    Trace Cyrus was born at 1989-02-24

  • Where is Trace Cyrus's birth place?

    Trace Cyrus was born in Ashland, Kentucky, United States

  • What is Trace Cyrus nationalities?

    Trace Cyrus's nationalities is American

  • Who is Trace Cyrus siblings?

    Trace Cyrus's siblings is Braison Cyrus, Christopher Cody Cyrus, Miley Cyrus, Noah Cyrus

  • What was Trace Cyrus universities?

    Trace Cyrus studied at La Cañada High School

  • How tall is Trace Cyrus?

    Trace Cyrus's height is 191

  • Who is Trace Cyrus's father?

    Trace Cyrus's father is n

  • Who is Trace Cyrus's mother?

    Trace Cyrus's mother is née Finley

  • What is Trace Cyrus's sun sign?

    Trace Cyrus is Pisces

  • How famous is Trace Cyrus?

    Trace Cyrus is famouse as Musician

  • What is Trace Cyrus's twitter?

    Trace Cyrus's twitter is

  • What is Trace Cyrus's instagram?

    Trace Cyrus's instagram is