Famous African American Men

The Most Famous African American Men

Snoop DoggOctober 20, 1971AmericanSnoop Dogg is an American rapper and actor who emerged as one of the best-known figures in gangsta rap during the 1990s
Flip WilsonDecember 8, 1933AmericanFlip Wilson was an American comedian and actor
CoolioAugust 1, 1963AmericanCoolio is a well-known American rap artist, musician and record producer
Sidney PoitierFebruary 20, 1927AmericanSidney Poitier is an actor, director and diplomat who was the first black person to win an Academy Award for Best Actor
Lil TwistJanuary 11, 1993AmericanLil Twist (Christopher Lynn Moore) is an American rapper and hip-hop artist
Derek WalcottJanuary 23, 1930Saint LucianDerek Walcott is a West Indian poet and playwright, who won the 1992 Nobel Prize in Literature
Satchel PaigeJuly 7, 1906AmericanSatchel Paige was a legendary African-American baseball player
Deion SandersAugust 9, 1967AmericanDeion Sanders is a former American football and baseball player
Leon SpinksJuly 11, 1953AmericanLeon Spinks is an American former boxer who became the world heavyweight champion in 1978
Kobe BryantAugust 23, 1978AmericanKobe Bryant is one of the most significant contemporary American basketball player who plays for the ‘Los Angeles Lakers’
Elijah Muhammad

Elijah Muhammad

Elijah Muhammad was a black American leader of the religious and social movement known as the ‘Nation of Islam’ (NOI)

AmericanOctober 7, 1897214 views

Carl Lewis

Carl Lewis is one of the greatest track and field athletes that the sporting world has till date witnessed

AmericanJuly 1, 1961250 views

Smokey Robinson

Smokey Robinson Jr

AmericanFebruary 19, 1940170 views

Bo Jackson

is an American former baseball and football player and the only sportsperson to be named an All-Star in two major sports

AmericanNovember 30, 1962152 views

Bill Russell

Bill Russell is a retired basketball player widely considered one of the best players in NBA history

AmericanFebruary 12, 1934248 views

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is hailed as one of the greatest Basketball players from America

AmericanApril 16, 1947180 views

Ben Harper

Ben Harper is a contemporary American singer-songwriter

AmericanOctober 28, 1969169 views

Barack Obama

Barack Obama was the 44th President of the United States

AmericanAugust 4, 1961267 views

Arthur Ashe

Arthur Ashe was a professional tennis player, and the first black man ever to win singles title at at Wimbledon, the US Open, and the Australian Open

AmericanJuly 10, 1943177 views