Famous people died in 1975

Elijah Muhammad

Elijah Muhammad

Elijah Muhammad was a black American leader of the religious and social movement known as the ‘Nation of Islam’ (NOI)

AmericanOctober 7, 1897175 views

Casey Stengel

Casey Stengel was the most successful baseball manager in the history of the game

AmericanJuly 30, 1890135 views

Barbara Hepworth

Barbara Hepworth was an English artist and sculptor

BritishJanuary 10, 1903101 views

George Stevens

George Stevens was an American director, producer, screenwriter and cinematographer

AmericanDecember 18, 1904133 views

Susan Hayward

Susan Hayward was an American actress who started as a fashion model and then moved to Hollywood to act in films

AmericanJune 30, 191792 views

Carl O. Sauer

Carl Ortwin Sauer was one of the most prominent geographers in America during the twentieth century

AmericanDecember 24, 1889108 views

Edward Lawrie Tatum

Edward Lawrie Tatum was an American biochemist who won the 1958 Nobel Prize in Medicine

AmericanDecember 14, 1909109 views

Robert Robinson

Sir Robert Robinson was a British scientist who received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry