Famous people born in 12 February

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Tara Strong is a Canadian-American voice actress and businesswoman

CanadianFebruary 12, 1973201 views

Lorne Greene

Lorne Greene was a Canadian actor, radio personality, and singer

CanadianFebruary 12, 1915191 views

Bill Russell

Bill Russell is a retired basketball player widely considered one of the best players in NBA history

AmericanFebruary 12, 1934206 views

Costa Gavras

Costa-Gavras is a renowned Greek-French film director and producer who is known for making films with overt political themes

FrenchFebruary 12, 1933120 views

Franco Zeffirelli

Franco Zeffirelli is a celebrated Italian director and producer

ItalianFebruary 12, 1923128 views

William Morris Davis

William Morris Davis was an American geographer, geologist, and meteorologist, who founded the science of geomorphology

AmericanFebruary 12, 1850149 views

Julian Schwinger

Julian Seymour Schwinger was an American theoretical physicist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1965

AmericanFebruary 12, 1918229 views

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth President of the United States

AmericanFebruary 12, 1809124 views

Ashraf Ghani

Mohammad Ashraf Ghani is an Afghan scholar, politician and the current President of Afghanistan

AfghanFebruary 12, 1949363 views

Louis Renault

Louis Renault was a French industrialist and a pioneer of automobile industry

FrenchFebruary 12, 1877165 views