Famous people born in 6 February - page 2

    Michael Pollan

    Michael Pollan

    Michael Pollan is an American author, journalist, professor of journalism and activist

    Nora Fatehi

    Nora Fatehi is a dancer, model, and actress of Indo–Arabic descent

    CanadianFebruary 6, 19923,280 views

    Diana Taylor

    Diana Taylor is a former New York State Superintendent of Banks

    Bianca Heinicke

    Bianca Heinicke is a German YouTuber

    GermanFebruary 6, 1993102 views

    Eva Braun

    Eva Braun was the partner of Hitler and later his wife – only for a few hours

    GermanFebruary 6, 1912356 views

    Kaylina Eileen Garcia

    Kaylina Eileen Garcia is an American YouTuber and beauty vlogger

    Dominic Sherwood

    Dominic Sherwood is an English actor and model

    Neri Oxman

    Neri Oxman is an American-Israeli architect

    Steven Suptic

    Steven Suptic is a talented American YouTuber and vlogger


    Zircon is a popular YouTuber