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Emilio Martinez's Personal Details

Emilio Martinez is an Instagram star who has achieved fame and a remarkable follower base on Instagram within quite a short span of time

BirthdayMay 10, 1999
FamousInstagram Star, Instagram Stars, Instagram Models, Social Media Stars, TikTok Stars, Teens and Kids
Nick namesEddymarti
SiblingsIvan, Rebeca
Birth PlaceCatalonia, Spain
Net Worth$500 Thousand
Sun SignTaurus
Born inCatalonia, Spain
Famous asInstagram Star

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Who is Emilio Martinez?

Emilio Martinez is an Instagram star who has achieved fame and a remarkable follower base on Instagram within quite a short span of time, simply by posting his selfie-filled feeds. He is also popular as the half of Martinez Twins, along with his twin brother Ivan Martinez, who is also an Instagram star. Ivan made his first post on Instagram in 2015 and that was the beginning of his online popularity. Later on, Emilio along with his brother Ivan, has launched their YouTube channel by the name of “Martinez Twins” which has turned out to be a successful endeavor and many of his YouTube videos have gone viral. The duo is also popular on Musical.ly as “blondtwins” and is considered as the rising “Musers”. The number of followers on his Twitter account is also substantial. Emilio Martinez has a Spanish ancestry. This teenage internet star has truly taken the online social media by storm with his good looks and blue eyes which are much raved by his fans.

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The internet has changed the world by making it possible to become famous quickly and the rising internet personality, Emilio Martinez, is a true example of that. He was only 16 when he made his first selfie-post on Instagram that went viral and paved the path of his online success. The first post that he made on Instagram in November, 2015, was nothing other than a close-up of his own blue eyes. His subsequent posts also got huge popularity on the photo sharing app and his internet career took a fly. Once Martinez was a popular name on Instagram, he took it to YouTube and came up with the channel “Martinez Twins” along with his brother, Ivan, and close friend, Beasley, who is also an Instagram star. The YouTube videos posted by Martinez twins on the channel are mostly funny and include crazy challenges that keep the followers glued.

Some of the most popular videos on Martinezs’ YouTube channel include, “We Almost Killed Jake Paul”, “Twin Telepathy With Jake”, “Bath Cotton Challenge in Pool”, “Savage Level 100% Massive Jump” and others. Emilio, along with his brother, Ivan, posts frequently on their joint Musical.ly account “blondtwins” as well and currently they have over 370,000 fans on the app alone. On Instagram Emilio enjoys over 1.9 million followers. While Emilio is already a star on Instagram, his popularity on YouTube and the lip-synching app Musical.ly is rising quickly. In January, 2017, Martinez twins joined “Team 10”, a squad of like-minded young individuals tempted to take Hollywood by storm. Emilio Martinez’s net worth is calculated as $500K currently and with his increasing popularity on the online social platforms we can only expect the teenager to become even strong footed in his online career in the coming years.

Personal Life

Emilio Martinez was born on 10 May 1999, in Catalonia, Spain. He has a twin brother, Ivan Martinez, who is also a partner in all his endeavors. The duo has a loving sister, Rebecca, who is a tennis player. Not much information is available about his parents but his tweets about his family makes it clear that he shares a strong bond with his parents. Currently, Emilio has relocated to Los Angeles, California, from his hometown in Spain. The brothers also have a pet cat named Lukas.

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Emilio Martinez's FAQ

  • What is Emilio Martinez birthday?

    Emilio Martinez was born at 1999-05-10

  • Where is Emilio Martinez's birth place?

    Emilio Martinez was born in Catalonia, Spain

  • What is Emilio Martinez nationalities?

    Emilio Martinez's nationalities is Spanish

  • What is Emilio Martinez nick names?

    Emilio Martinez's nickNames is Eddymarti

  • Who is Emilio Martinez siblings?

    Emilio Martinez's siblings is Ivan, Rebeca

  • How tall is Emilio Martinez?

    Emilio Martinez's height is 178

  • What is Emilio Martinez's sun sign?

    Emilio Martinez is Taurus

  • How famous is Emilio Martinez?

    Emilio Martinez is famouse as Instagram Star

  • What is Emilio Martinez's facebook?

    Emilio Martinez's facebook is https://www.facebook.com/Martinez-Twins-1114128615296860/

  • What is Emilio Martinez's twitter?

    Emilio Martinez's twitter is https://twitter.com/emartineeez/

  • What is Emilio Martinez's youtube?

    Emilio Martinez's youtube is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSnig521JhuLNFT3XMMgzvw

  • What is Emilio Martinez's instagram?

    Emilio Martinez's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/emiliovmartinez/

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