Electrical engineering may refer to a particular branch of engineering that is related to the study of electricity, electromagnetism, the designing of circuitry equipment, machine control, power generation and electronics. Electrical engineering became a subject of academic interest to the scientific community, during the 17th century and one of the first electrical engineers known to the world was, William Gilbert. This field basically refers to the practical applications of electricity, which evolved and intensified during the 19th century, after commercialization. Electrical engineering coves a wide spectrum of other branches like, digital computer technologies, signal processing, telecommunications, power engineering, control systems and electronic engineering among many others. The field of electrical engineering also has many sub-disciplines and some of them include, power engineering, control engineering, radio frequency engineering, electronic engineering, microelectronics and instrumentation engineering among many others. The field of electrical engineering is one of the most challenging, rapidly growing and exciting fields to work in or study, as it has proven to make a significant impact in the modern society. Here is a list of the world’s most famous electrical engineers, learn more fascinating facts and details about them with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history.