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Ryan McCartan (Ex-Fiancé)
Claire Hosterman
Chloe Celeste Hosterman
AttendedBurbank High school
Philip Hosterman
Bonnie Wallace
$3 million
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Who is Dove Cameron?

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Chloe Celeste Hosterman, popularly known as Dove Cameron, is a popular actress who gained fame with her television series on the ‘Disney Channel’. After being a prominent face of this eminent channel for three years, Dove started grabbing roles in movies and several television projects too. Chloe was passionate about acting since a really young age and pursued dramatics since the age of 8. At the age of 14, Cameron was determined that she would continue her career in acting and persuaded her parents to move to Los Angeles. She then bagged the role of the twins in the television series ‘Liv and Maddie’ and this work of hers brought the actress a lot of fame. Like many other celebs, Cameron too was a victim of bullying. However, this scar didn’t stop the girl from accomplishing her dreams. Dove was even nominated for a ‘Teen Choice Award’ for ‘Female Breakout Star’ for her work on ‘Liv and Maddie’. Cameron, who is also part of a band, has many new albums and movies in her kitty lined up for the near future

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Dove Cameron The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Although Dove entered the entertainment industry in 2012, she garnered acclaim only recently. Her first television appearance was through ‘Disney Channel’ series titled ‘Bits and Pieces’ wherein she played the character, Alanna. After that she has appeared in many other series too, which includes ‘The Mentalist’, ‘Malibu Country’ and ‘Austin and Ally. The Disney Channel series ‘Liv and Maddie’ helped Dove gain a lot of visibility. Here Dove essayed the roles of Liv and Maddie.

On August 2013, Cameron released a cover of ‘On Top Of The World’ a song by the band ‘Imagine Dragons’, as a promotional single. Her cover ranked seventeenth on the ‘Billboard Kid Digital Songs’ chart and retained the position for 3 weeks. Later, in October, another single, titled ‘Better In Stereo’, was released by the label ‘Walt Disney Records’. This cover gained number one position on the ‘Billboard Kid Digital Songs’ and thus making it Dove’s hit song.

This teen actor and singer has been seen in several films too. Her first television film was Disney’s ‘Descendants’ which released in July 2015. The young actress was also retained for the sequel of this popular series. Chloe’s first movie was ‘Cloud 9’, where she starred along with Luke Benward, another ‘Disney’ Star.

Dove, along with co-star Ryan McCartan from ‘Liv and Maddie’, formed a band called ‘The Girl and the Dreamcatcher’. In October 2015, the duo released their first single, titled ‘Written in the Stars’. Their second single ‘Glowing in the Dark’, was released on 29th January, 2016. This band today has now a total of 9 songs to its credit.

Dove Cameron What Makes Dove Cameron So Special

Dove Cameron is like any other girl, any many of them can relate themselves to her. Dove is obsessed with the popular coffee joint ‘Starbucks’ and her teddy bear. She is so much fond of her teddy that she almost carries it everywhere and has even named it ‘Stanley’.

Dove is very down to earth and tries her best to make the people around her happy. In one of her interviews, the actress mentioned that she usually sings for people from her car window while driving. This gesture apparently makes people happy and some of them even dance.

Dove Cameron Beyond Fame

Dove has earned many ardent fans who surprisingly don’t accept her death, even on screen. That’s true! Dove once made an appearance on one of the episodes of ‘Faking’ aired on ‘MTV’. The episode revolved around a serial killer who had killed three blonde-haired girls.

Some of the fans soon realized that one of the girls shown was Dove and so they took to the micro-blogging site ‘Twitter’ to express their rage for killing Dove’s character.

“Just watching last night’s #Faking it. Am I losing it, or did I see @Dove Cameron in a blink and you’ll miss it cameo?” was the tweet posted by Paul, one of her fans.

Dove Cameron Behind The Curtains

Dove was born to Philip Hosterman and Bonnie Wallace. Cameron, along with her sister Claire, moved to Los Angeles, to pursue her acting career. Philip passed away in 2011, and in his fond memory, the actress changed her name to Dove, since her father fondly called her that.

Dove made headlines when the news of her engagement with her co-actor Ryan McCartan started spreading like wildfire. Ryan and Dove first met on the sets of their ‘Disney Channel’ sitcom ‘Liv and Maddie’. The duo was in a relationship for 3 years and in April, Ryan informed the public about their engagement. He informed the news by uploading an image of them on his ‘Instagram’ account, captioning it “Dedicating my 1,000th post to my fiancé. I can’t believe I get to call you that. Thanks for saying yes.” Confirming this news, Dove too uploaded a selfie of theirs on her ‘Instagram’ account underling it as “Calling you my ‘boyfriend’ never really felt right anyway, Fiancé looks better on you.”

Six months after the news of their engagement broke, gossip columns were abuzz about the couple heading towards a split. Rumors about the split spread thick and fast when Ryan had ‘unfollowed’ Dove on ‘Instagram’ and ‘Twitter’.

Conclusions are being drawn that the duo ended their relationship due to the busy schedule of theirs. Confirming it, Ryan quoted “She is so busy. I am so busy. And the last thing which we want to do is turn it onto another thing on the to-do list; you know what I mean?”

Dove Cameron Trivia

Dove’s parents co-owned and designed for a jewelry company in India. Thus, the young actress spent most of her summer in India, until she was 14 years old.

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Frequently asked questions about Dove Cameron

  • What is Dove Cameron birthday?

    Dove Cameron was born at January 15, 1996

  • Where is Dove Cameron's birth place?

    Dove Cameron was born in Seattle

  • What is Dove Cameron nationalities?

    Dove Cameron's nationalities is American

  • Who is Dove Cameron spouses?

    Dove Cameron's spouses is Ryan McCartan (Ex-Fiancé)

  • Who is Dove Cameron siblings?

    Dove Cameron's siblings is Claire Hosterman

  • What was Dove Cameron universities?

    Dove Cameron studied at AttendedBurbank High school university

  • How tall is Dove Cameron?

    Dove Cameron's height is 165

  • Who is Dove Cameron's father?

    Dove Cameron's father is Philip Hosterman

  • Who is Dove Cameron's mother?

    Dove Cameron's mother is Bonnie Wallace

  • What is Dove Cameron's sun sign?

    Dove Cameron is Capricorn

  • What is Dove Cameron's facebook?

    Dove Cameron's facebook is

  • What is Dove Cameron's twitter?

    Dove Cameron's twitter is

  • What is Dove Cameron's instagram?

    Dove Cameron's instagram is