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Deyana Mounira's Personal Details

Deyana Mounira is a Lebanese bikini model, host, belly dance instructor, and Instagram star

BirthdayAugust 16, 1990
FamousInstagram Star, Models, Instagram Stars, Instagram Models, Social Media Stars
Birth PlaceLebanon
Sun SignLeo
Born inLebanon
Famous asInstagram Star, Model

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Who is Deyana Mounira?

Deyana Mounira is a Lebanese bikini model, host, belly dance instructor, and Instagram star. She gained recent notoriety after Iranian-American billionaire and social media influencer Tony Toutouni accused her of sexually molesting his pet dog, Hef. A native of Lebanon, she later relocated to the United States of America with her family. Mounira originally created her Twitter account in October 2010 but did not post her first update until April 2011. As for Instagram, she posted her first picture there in 2012. In those initial years, she was a relatively unknown figure on social media. However, that changed when her career as an Instagram model started to take off. In April 2018, she uploaded a picture and then a video of a photo shoot with a large dog and wrote in the caption of the latter that the photographer kept telling his dog to jump on her. That photographer turned out to be Toutouni, who has since reportedly sued Mounira for $1.5 million, claiming fraud and emotional distress.

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Deyana Mounira has been modelling since she was a teenager. She gained initial fame as a bikini model on Instagram. Her job has allocated her the opportunity to travel the world. She has participated in various national and international fashion events and has worked with numerous brands.

Mounira made her acting debut by making appearances in multiple hip-hop music videos. In 2017, she worked with Atlanta-based rapper Future in the music video for his track ‘Mask Off’, appearing as a character drenched in oil. The video, which was put out on May 5, 2017, was directed by Colin Tilley. Besides Mounira, Amber Rose and DJ Esco also appeared in the video.

She was then offered a chance to appear in the video for G-Eazy’s song ‘Sober.’ The song was originally released on December 8, 2017. Featuring Charlie Puth, it was composed by G-Eazy, Breyan Isaac, Matt Dragstrem, Ester Dean, Edgar Machuca, Puth, The Futuristics, and Dakarai Gwitira and was produced by the latter three. The music video for the song was released about four months later, on March 14, 2018. Also directed by Tilley, the video contains an appearance by Mounira as one of G-Eazy’s love interests.

Mounira is quite popular on Instagram and has over 315k followers on the platform. She has also accumulated more than a thousand followers on Twitter and over two thousand followers on Facebook.

Controversies & Scandals

On April 26, 2018, billionaire entrepreneur Tony Toutouni sued Mounira for fraud and emotional distress, alleging that she had sexually molested his dog, Hef. She had done a photo shoot with Toutouni earlier in the month and had posted a photograph of herself with his dog on 13 April and a video on 16 April. While she did not name the photographer in either instance, she captioned video by writing that the photographer kept telling the dog to jump on her.

Toutouni is a very popular social media influencer and is known as the ‘King of Instagram’. He has about 1.7 million followers on the platform. His content primarily revolves around his lavish lifestyle that includes cars, yachts, luxury watches, and beautiful women. When he found out about Mounira’s post, he posted the same video on his own Instagram handle, accusing Mounira of using his dog to gain followers and even made a reference to the #MeToo movement. He later told TMZ that Mounira had “sensually” touched his dog before performing a sexual act on him. He had apparently told Mounira that he did not want the pictures to circulate online. However, they were posted a few days later. Mounira later stated that there was no photographer present at the photo shoot and it was Toutouni himself who took the pictures.

After the lawsuit was filed, Mounira accused Toutouni of verbally and sexually harassing her. Toutouni had reportedly provoked his dog and told Mounira to let the dog “hump” her. She said that she felt vulnerable in the situation and started looking for a way to get out of the environment as best as she could. She also told TMZ that Toutouni groped her while he was attempting to lead her to his room. Furthermore, she stated that she uploaded the video because she wanted to do it before Toutouni, in order to take ownership of the situation.

Speaking to TMZ, Toutouni’s attorney refuted Mounira’s claims, asking why she was smiling and laughing in the video if she was that uncomfortable and why she had stayed at the location for hours after the photo shoot was over. He went on to say that it did not matter what transpired between Mounira and his client and the client’s dog; the important thing was that Mounira was explicitly told not to share any videos of the dog as “it reflects poorly on Toutouni who is a public figure”.

Personal Life

Mounira was born on August 16, 1990, in Lebanon to Egyptian and Lebanese parents. After spending her early life there, she relocated to the US along with her family. They eventually decided to live in the West Coast. She was raised in San Diego, California.

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Deyana Mounira's FAQ

  • What is Deyana Mounira birthday?

    Deyana Mounira was born at 1990-08-16

  • Where is Deyana Mounira's birth place?

    Deyana Mounira was born in Lebanon

  • What is Deyana Mounira nationalities?

    Deyana Mounira's nationalities is Lebanese

  • How tall is Deyana Mounira?

    Deyana Mounira's height is 168

  • What is Deyana Mounira's sun sign?

    Deyana Mounira is Leo

  • How famous is Deyana Mounira?

    Deyana Mounira is famouse as Instagram Star, Model

  • What is Deyana Mounira's facebook?

    Deyana Mounira's facebook is

  • What is Deyana Mounira's twitter?

    Deyana Mounira's twitter is

  • What is Deyana Mounira's instagram?

    Deyana Mounira's instagram is