When Nyle DiMarco said ‘I think the biggest misconception is that people think deaf people are not able to do things’, she couldn’t have been more correct in her observation. Did you know that some of the greatest men/women on earth whom we know or revere today were actually partially or completely deaf in their lifetime? They had the courage to rise above their limitation and become iconic figures that the world would take pride in. If you have a nick of doubt about it, read this. American history would have been miser had there been no Thomas Alva Edison or Helen Keller in it! The most celebrated American inventor and businessman who is best known for inventing the first practical electric light bulb and phonograph, Edison was actually deaf from his childhood. Helen Keller was not just deaf but blind too. But she highly determined that she was, she went on to become the first deaf-blind person to gain a Bachelor degree in Arts. German music wouldn’t have had its share of greatness without the eminent pianist and classical composer Ludwig van Beethoven. But did you know that Beethoven suffered from hearing impairment? And these are just a handful of the many more legendary figures from history who were actually deaf. Check out the list of famous deaf people who made it big in life.

List of famous deaf people who made it big in life. Check out their biographies and interesting facts and trivia related to them.