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Daniel Christopher Preda's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Daniel Christopher Preda, the famous American Instagram star and model; his birthday, his family and personal life, his boyfriends, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdayDecember 16, 1992
FamousInstagram Star, Models, Instagram Stars, Instagram Models
City/StateBoston, Massachusetts
Birth PlaceBoston, Massachusetts
Sun SignSagittarius
Born inBoston, Massachusetts
Famous asInstagram Star, Model

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Who is Daniel Christopher Preda?

Daniel Christopher Preda is an American model and internet sensation. He is a signed model for Model Maggie Inc and Elite. He is also very popular on his Instagram account where he posts pictures of fashion and travel. He has more than 944K followers on Instagram and more than 144K followers on Twitter. He uses 'MisterPreda' as his online alias and also has a lifestyle blog by that name where he posts about fashion, travel, modeling and more. On his Twitter account, he identifies himself as a writer and producer also. Even though he doesn't have a YouTube account himself, he often appears on his boyfriend Joey Graceffa's vlogs and music videos. Interestingly, Joey found it befitting to cast Daniel opposite him in his coming out music video "Don't Wait".

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Daniel Christopher Preda started using Twitter in June of 2009. Later in 2012, he joined Instagram and started to post photos of his fashion modeling and travel. Both his social media accounts started to gain popularity soon. He, however, is more popular as the boyfriend of Joey Graceffa, another internet sensation and YouTube personality. Joey found out about Daniel's steadily growing popularity through his Instagram account. After they started their relationship, Daniel started to appear on many of Joey's video. This brought him a lot of attention and his fame grew rapidly. Most significantly, Daniel appeared in Joey's coming out music video "Don't Wait" which made him very popular.

What Makes Daniel Christopher Preda So Special

According to Daniel himself, he is a little bit of everything. He is a very successful model. He posts photos on fashion, lifestyle, travel, etc on his social media websites. He also writes on fashion and travel on his blog. Daniel was not very used to living in the limelight like Joey does. He, however, is a person who can adapt to new trends well. He himself acknowledged that even though he is part of many of Joey's YouTube videos, he hardly had any idea about the YouTube community previously.

Beyond Fame

Daniel Christopher Preda and Joey Graceffa came out as a gay couple in 14 February 2016, Valentine's Day. However, they had been dating before that and many of their fans had already started to speculate about their relationship. Early on in their relationship, Daniel even had to delete and lock his Twitter and Instagram accounts after Joey's fans started to take over his original Twitter handles and stalk him. According to Daniel, Joey wanted to keep their relationship secret which was very difficult for him. However, Joey's fans would still notice the slightest of evidences like when they spotted Joey wearing Daniel's clothes. In 2016, Joey Graceffa posted a YouTube video, "Our Love Story!" on his YouTube channel where he and Daniel opened up about their relationship, how they met, how and why they tried to keep the relationship hidden, and more. They first met online. Even though they had been to the same event a few times, they kept missing each other somehow. They first met in person at a bar in Los Angeles and they soon ended up in a serious relationship.

As an internet celebrity, Daniel courted controversy when he started posting a series of cryptic tweets on his Twitter account. Daniel had reflected on some comments on his Instagram account by posting generalized comments on character and personality. However, some of his followers mistakenly assumed that they were about popular Instagram personality Connor Franta. Daniel was harshly criticized till he clarified what the posts were actually about.

Behind The Curtains

Daniel Christopher Preda was born on 16 December 1992 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Incidentally, his partner Joey Graceffa is also from Boston, even though they didn't meet each other there. They have more in common, however. Both of them have alcoholic parents. Daniel is rather shy of talking about his relationships online. He does not always introduce his boyfriends to his parents either. But he made an exception for Joey. Daniel and Joey live together in Los Angeles, California, and they have two husky dogs, Wolf and Storm.

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Daniel Christopher Preda's FAQ

  • What is Daniel Christopher Preda birthday?

    Daniel Christopher Preda was born at 1992-12-16

  • Where is Daniel Christopher Preda's birth place?

    Daniel Christopher Preda was born in Boston, Massachusetts

  • What is Daniel Christopher Preda nationalities?

    Daniel Christopher Preda's nationalities is American

  • How tall is Daniel Christopher Preda?

    Daniel Christopher Preda's height is 187

  • What is Daniel Christopher Preda's sun sign?

    Daniel Christopher Preda is Sagittarius

  • How famous is Daniel Christopher Preda?

    Daniel Christopher Preda is famouse as Instagram Star, Model

  • What is Daniel Christopher Preda's twitter?

    Daniel Christopher Preda's twitter is https://twitter.com/misterpreda