Famous Communists - List of Famous Communists

Communism is an ideology which emphasizes on equality among members of a community and eradication of a class/hierarchical structure. Several famous leaders have been enlightening the masses about the importance of communism and how the ideology can change governance and lead to a better society. The word was derived from the title of a book titled ‘Projet de communauté philosophe’, penned by a French writer and philosopher named Victor d’Hupay. Eminent personalities like Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Ho Chi Minh, Josef Stalin and even Fidel Castro are a few individuals who are responsible for the worldwide popularity of communism. Ardent followers of these legends and the ideology of communism are called communists. Marx and Friedrich Engels are the men who coined the term ‘Marxism’ and sparked off a revolution which addressed the issue of the capitalist-working class conflict. While followers of Marx are known as Marxists, admirers of Lenin and his ideology are called Leninists. The masses, however, consider both these factions as ‘communists’. Vladmir Lenin and Josef Stalin are two communist stalwarts from Russia (formerly known as Soviet Union) who inspired thousands of leaders and set outstanding examples of leadership. The rise of the legendary Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, who passed away recently, is a perfect example of what communism is. He overthrew Fulgencio Batista, the former president of Cuba, who was considered more of a dictator in a military coup. The legendary leader then ruled the country for several decades.

Any conversation about communism is incomplete without a mention of Lenin, Stalin, Castro and Ho Chi Minh

The Most Famous Communists

Josip Broz TitoMay 7, 1892YugoslavJosip Broz Tito was the powerful revolutionary leader of Yugoslav Partisans
Karl MarxMay 5, 1818French, German, BritishKarl Marx was a Prussian-German philosopher, revolutionary, historian and socialist whose communist ideologies and works laid the foundation for ‘Marxism’
Leon TrotskyNovember 7, 1879Russian, UkrainianLeon Trotsky was a Russian politician, a Marxist revolutionary and the founder and the first leader of the Red Army
Nikita KhrushchevApril 15, 1894RussianNikita Khrushchev was a former Soviet premier
Pol PotMay 19, 1925CambodianPol Pot was the Cambodian revolutionary who led the Khmer Rouge
Enver HoxhaOctober 16, 1908AlbanianEnver Halil Hoxha was the supreme leader of Albania for close to 41 years
John SteinbeckFebruary 27, 1902AmericanJohn Steinbeck was a celebrated American writer famous for his novel, ‘The Grapes of Wrath’
Pablo NerudaJuly 12, 1904ChileanPablo Neruda was a Chilean poet, politician and Nobel laureate
Albert CamusNovember 7, 1913Algerian, FrenchAlbert Camus was a French philosopher, author & journalist, who contributed greatly to the rise of the philosophy known as absurdism
Valentina TereshkovaMarch 6, 1937RussianValentina Tereshkova a Russian cosmonaut created history when she became the first woman to travel to space
Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Lenin

Vladimir Lenin was a communist revolutionary who led the famous October revolution in Russia

RussianApril 22, 1870226 views


Pushpa Kamal Dahal, commonly known as Prachanda is a prominent Nepali politician and Prime Minister of Nepal

NepaliDecember 11, 1954158 views

Angela Davis

A former leader of the Communist Party USA, Angela Davis is an American social and political activist, Scholar and writer

AmericanJanuary 26, 1944213 views

Stieg Larsson

Karl Stig-Erland "Stieg" Larsson was a Swedish journalist, activist and writer

SwedishAugust 15, 1954114 views

Enver Hoxha

Enver Halil Hoxha was the supreme leader of Albania for close to 41 years

AlbanianOctober 16, 1908360 views

Valentina Tereshkova

Valentina Tereshkova a Russian cosmonaut created history when she became the first woman to travel to space

RussianMarch 6, 1937297 views

José Saramago

Jose Saramago was a renowned Portuguese novelist and a Nobel Prize winner in Literature

Nicolae Ceaușescu

Nicolae Ceaușescu was the General Secretary of the Romanian Communist Party, Romania’s last Communist leader

RomanianJanuary 26, 1918238 views