Famous people born in 1818

Mary Todd Lincoln

Mary Todd Lincoln

Mary Todd Lincoln was the wife of America’s 16th president, Abraham Lincoln

John Henninger Reagan

John Henninger Reagan was a Senator from Texas and a prominent nineteenth century American politician

AmericanOctober 8, 1818111 views

James Prescott Joule

James Prescott Joule was an English physicist, who studied the nature of heat, and discovered its relationship to mechanical work

BritishDecember 24, 1818118 views

Lucy Stone

Lucy Stone was an American women’s rights activist

AmericanAugust 13, 1818135 views

Charles Gounod

Charles Gounod was one of the most brilliant French composers of the 19th century

FrenchJune 17, 181895 views

Alexander II of Russia

Alexander II of Russia was the Emperor of Russia, as well as the King of Poland and the Grand Duke of Finland, who reigned from March 1855 to March 1881

RussianApril 29, 1818123 views

Alexander Bain - Philosopher

Alexander Bain was a well known educationalist and philosopher of Scotland

ScottishJune 11, 1818133 views

Maria Mitchell

Maria Mitchell was the first professional female astronomer in the United States

AmericanAugust 1, 1818231 views

Karl Marx

Karl Marx was a Prussian-German philosopher, revolutionary, historian and socialist whose communist ideologies and works laid the foundation for ‘Marxism’

FrenchMay 5, 1818469 views

Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass was a slave turned social reformer