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Chris Miles's Personal Details

Chris Miles (Christopher Miles Marshak) is an American Rapper and songwriter

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Who is Chris Miles?

What happens when you come across a chubby and cute 13 year old belting out a cool rap number and you can’t stop your feet from keeping up with the beats? Like million other viewers, you start googling the name Chris Miles hoping to get more of the funk. Chris Miles’ audition tape for ‘America’s Got Talent’ did just that. At that age his track ‘DialTone’, which he wrote and added tune went viral on YouTube and Chris hasn’t looked back since. Miles ahead of his peers who were busy dealing with the angst of approaching high school, Chris was busy creating his rap magic. Caucasian teens are relatively few in the Rap/Hip-hop genre which is dominated primarily by African-American demography. But Chris seems to be holding his own, pretty evident by his recent signing bonus with a renowned music label. This young gun still has ‘Miles’ to go and his fans can’t stop from being excited about his future in the music industry. Chris has a huge fan following, which is evident from the number of his twitter followers and YouTube subscribers.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Chris started rapping since he was 10 years of age. After-school sessions with friends turned into full-fledged songs and the singer started taking his music seriously. He discovered that he had a fast delivery that was rare for his age. Three years later he decided that the time was ripe for taking his talent onto a bigger platform and sent his DialTone composition as audition for ‘America’s Got Talent’, a prime-time reality show on NBC. He did not make it to the show, but when the audition tape was leaked, people just went berserk. Everybody went oohing and aahing over his talent and musical prowess, including musical honchos like 50 Cents and Mac Miller.

Chris followed it up with releasing a MixTape online titled ‘Growing Pains’ in 2013, which was represented by T3 Music Group and produced by a host of established names in the Hip hop industry. The original tracks featured in the album gave a clear idea of the wide range of genres Chris could master. It was downloaded more than 12,000 times. Riding high on the success of his MixTape, Chris signed a whopping 1.5 million dollar five-album deal with music label Warner/Chapell in 2014. He released his debut EP album ‘Birth of Cool’ in collaboration with industry giants like Statik Selektah and Jake One. About the last song on the EP, Perfect, Hot New HipHop magazine said that “it is fast-paced and ebullient, showcasing Miles’ precocious ability to craft verses that are interesting and inventive”. The tracks are a throwback to good old fashioned Hip Hop style and leave no doubt that Chris has got what it takes to make it big in the industry. Busy touring all over the country and working on new music, Chris is all set to release his next EP, ‘Milestones’.

What Makes Chris So Special

Chris has this style that is highly individual and leaves no doubt in your mind that he is on his way to Hip Hop stardom. His compositions are original and upbeat. He has this ability to shuffle effortlessly between various sub-genres. Although he has a fast delivery for rapping, he has evidently worked on it and had slowed down for some of the mellower composition which is a superb indication of his versatility. He is very considerate to his fans, especially the female following! He accepts that he loves interacting with them, especially through his live performances. A cool mixture of his musical idols, the teen sensation has the rhyming talent of Kanye West while flaunting Justin Beiberish cuteness, he routinely flirted with some of his fans in MagCon 2016, and the girls still go breathless talking about it!

Chris, however, is savoring every moment of his accomplishments. He says he is working harder than ever and is making most of the support that it has lent him. He claims that industry veterans want to work with him because they see potential in him. We can’t help but agree.

Behind The Curtains

Not a lot have been written about the teen rappers personal life. His song lyrics paint a picture of supportive parents despite economic hardships, school bullies and personal struggles. He loves nothing more that hanging out with his homies and working on his music with his group, all the while trying his best to shake off the adolescent talent tag. He aims to force people to take his musical abilities more seriously than they do today.

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Chris Miles's FAQ

  • What is Chris Miles birthday?

    Chris Miles was born at 1999-05-03

  • Where is Chris Miles's birth place?

    Chris Miles was born in Long Island, New York

  • What is Chris Miles nationalities?

    Chris Miles's nationalities is American

  • What is Chris Miles's sun sign?

    Chris Miles is Taurus

  • How famous is Chris Miles?

    Chris Miles is famouse as Rapper, Songwriter

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    Chris Miles's twitter is

  • What is Chris Miles's youtube?

    Chris Miles's youtube is

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    Chris Miles's instagram is