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Carson Lueders's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Carson Lueders, the famous American YouTuber & Singer; his birthday, his family and personal life, his girlfriends, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdayJuly 26, 2001
FamousYoutubers, Dancers, Social Media Stars, Teens and Kids, YouTube Singers, YouTube Dancers, Singers
SiblingsJackson, Olivia
Known asCarson James Lueders
  • Spokane High School
  • Spokane
Birth PlaceSpokane, Washington
FatherJon Lueders
MotherDiane Lueders
Sun SignLeo
Born inSpokane, Washington
Famous asYouTuber, Singer, Dancer

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Who is Carson Lueders?

Even a few years ago, pre-teen youngsters becoming celebrities was unheard of. Today kids with huge fan bases emerge frequently thanks to social media channels such as YouTube, or Facebook. Singing sensation Carson Lueders with his cherubic face, sweet voice, immense charm and blond hair is one such online star who is now on the verge of joining the music biggies. He is a singer, lyricist, guitarist, dancer, vlogger and more all rolled into one. With over five million fans across 112 countries, some say he is the “next Justin Bieber” even as admirers insist “He’s not the next anything. He’s the first and only Carson”. Starting early at age four when his parents gave him a Toys R Us guitar, he initially mesmerized fans in his hometown Spokane, Washington, with local shows and radio performances. From 2008 onwards, Carson’s music videos began to appear regularly on YouTube and in just three years he notched up his first one million views never to look back. Starting with covers of top stars, mainly singing country and later pop, he released his first EP in late 2015. He has three dogs and is a big fan of motocross racing, basketball and water sports.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

A local radio station KIXZ96 began to feature Carson when he was just six years old. They also posted Carson’s first video on YouTube in 2008. His parents followed that up with regular video posts of the young star singing covers of top performers such as Miley Cirus, Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson and Keith Urban. By age ten Carson had been a finalist at ‘Spokane’s Got Talent’, received good support at America’s Got Talent and had won a few music contests including a song writing one. In early 2012, the Australian musician Cody Simpson gave him a shout out on Twitter and a couple of months later ‘America’s Got Talent’ judge Keith Urban praised and reposted on YouTube Carson’s cover of his song ‘For You.’ This boosted the young lad’s fan following and helped to cross the one million mark in YouTube views. In September 2013, Urban met Carson at the ABC TV Talk Show ‘The View’ and invited him to sing on stage with him. It was a big day for Carson as Urban, who happens to be one of his idols and inspiration, also presented the boy with his first electric guitar during the show. This together with the release of his original song ‘Beautiful’ on YouTube during the year further enhanced the young boy’s reputation. More support from other stars followed and by 2014 Carson had become a celebrity in his own right. After his first EP titled ‘All Day’ was released, Radio Disney released his video ‘POP’ in 2016 which is one of the songs from the EP.

What Makes Carson Leuders So Special

Many youngsters are becoming online celebrities just by lip-syncing their way to fame or by singing covers of tracks from ace performers. Carson is different. He is incredibly gifted and began to write and compose his own songs when he was just a nine year old. Today Carson is mostly into original songs. His boyish good looks, Bieber-like spiked blond hair, soulful voice and graceful dancing are attributes that has made ‘Elle’ magazine refer to him as one of “Smoldering Boys” that girls around the world are going gaga about. His humble demeanor and heartfelt warmth despite his incredible talent has also endeared him to fans and celebrities alike.

Beyond Fame

Apart from music that he has now taken up professionally, Carson and his elder brother Jackson are passionate about Motocross racing. Thanks to his Spokane home being just on the waterfront of Newman Lake, he and the rest of his family are ardent water sports lovers. Carson is also an animal lover and has three dogs named Buddy, Moje and Liah. He is also reported to have said “I love to play basketball, ride my bike, scooter, and jump and do flips on the trampoline.” Whenever he can, he goes out of his way to help kids with special needs and does a fair bit of charity work.

Behind The Curtains

Carson enjoys great support from his family, especially his parents. To help him in his career his parents encouraged him to shift to Los Angeles and take up home schooling. He has completed middle school but is yet to graduate from high school. Like other teenage stars he too has millions of girls wanting to date him. While some claim he is dating another online star Jordyn Jones, Carson himself has not confirmed this anywhere preferring to refer to her as just a friend.

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Carson Lueders's FAQ

  • What is Carson Lueders birthday?

    Carson Lueders was born at 2001-07-26

  • Where is Carson Lueders's birth place?

    Carson Lueders was born in Spokane, Washington

  • What is Carson Lueders nationalities?

    Carson Lueders's nationalities is American

  • Who is Carson Lueders siblings?

    Carson Lueders's siblings is Jackson, Olivia

  • What was Carson Lueders universities?

    Carson Lueders studied at Spokane High School, Spokane

  • Who is Carson Lueders's father?

    Carson Lueders's father is Jon Lueders

  • Who is Carson Lueders's mother?

    Carson Lueders's mother is Diane Lueders

  • What is Carson Lueders's sun sign?

    Carson Lueders is Leo

  • How famous is Carson Lueders?

    Carson Lueders is famouse as YouTuber, Singer, Dancer

  • What is Carson Lueders's facebook?

    Carson Lueders's facebook is

  • What is Carson Lueders's twitter?

    Carson Lueders's twitter is

  • What is Carson Lueders's youtube?

    Carson Lueders's youtube is

  • What is Carson Lueders's instagram?

    Carson Lueders's instagram is

  • What is Carson Lueders's younow?

    Carson Lueders's younow is