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Boxers are the individuals who engage in boxing as a sport professionally. Boxing is a combat sport in which two participants engage in a fist fight while wearing padded gloves and adhere to certain fixed rules of the game. Also known as pugilism and prize fighting, it was considered illegal in several societies before the 19th century—it is still illegal in countries like Norway and Cuba. However today it is a common sport that is part of the Olympic and Commonwealth games and also has its own world championships. Since long boxing has been considered a lucrative career for those who are well built and possess superior endurance and physical strength. Boxing is a physically demanding sport and entails long hours of strenuous training. The daily workout for a boxer could include several miles of running, sessions of punching heavy bags, and rounds of practicing with a partner. They also need to consume a specialized diet high in carbohydrates and protein in order to maintain their physical health and build body mass. Boxing is considered primarily a male sport even though several females have also made their mark in this area. This section provides you information about the life and works of various famous Boxers from all over the world.

The Most Famous Boxers

Nikolai ValuevAugust 21, 1973RussianNikolai Valuev is a Russian retired professional boxer, actor, politician, and author
Mike TysonJune 30, 1966AmericanMike Tyson is a former heavyweight boxing champion, known for his ferocious and intimidating style
Badr HariDecember 8, 1984DutchBadr Hari is a Moroccan-Dutch super heavyweight kickboxer
Dicky EklundMay 9, 1957AmericanDicky Eklund is an American former professional boxer who competed in the welterweight division
Mickey RourkeSeptember 16, 1952AmericanMickey Rourke is an American actor and former boxer
Muhammad AliJanuary 17, 1942AmericanMuhammad Ali was a legendary boxer who became the first and only three-time lineal World Heavyweight Champion
Trevor BerbickAugust 1, 1954Canadian, JamaicanTrevor Berbick was a professional Jamaican Canadian boxer, and a former world heavy weight champion
Adrien BronerJuly 28, 1989AmericanAdrien Broner is an American professional boxer
Vasyl LomachenkoFebruary 17, 1988UkrainianVasyl Lomachenko is a Ukrainian professional boxer who is the current WBA (Super) and 'The Ring' lightweight champion
Leon SpinksJuly 11, 1953AmericanLeon Spinks is an American former boxer who became the world heavyweight champion in 1978
Anthony Mundine

Anthony Mundine

Anthony Mundine is an Australian professional boxer and one of the country’s most popular and controversial athletes

AustralianMay 21, 1975256 views

Timothy Bradley

Timothy Bradley is an American professional boxer – a former WBO welterweight champion and a former WBO and two-time WBC junior welterweight champion

AmericanAugust 29, 1983122 views

Mary Kom

Mary Kom is an Indian boxer who has the distinction of being a five-time World Amateur Boxing champion

IndianMarch 1, 1983114 views

Jack Johnson (Boxer)

Jack Johnson was the first African American to become the world’s heavyweight boxing champion

AmericanMarch 31, 1878143 views

Rocky Marciano

An American professional boxer from the USA, Rocky Marciano is known to have defended his heavyweight champion title six times during his career

Lennox Lewis

Lennox Lewis is a retired boxer and a former world heavyweight champion

Joe Louis

Joe Louis was a famous American boxing champion

AmericanMay 13, 1914142 views

Jack Dempsey

Jack Dempsey was a professional boxer who held the World Heavyweight Championship title from 1919 to 1926

AmericanJune 24, 1895394 views

Alan Minter

Alan Minter is a former professional English boxer and World Middleweight Champion

BritishAugust 17, 1951197 views

Sugar Ray Robinson

Sugar Ray Robinson is regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time

AmericanMay 3, 1921223 views