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Where would feminism be today had it not been for the thousands of women's rights activists across the world who have struggled over the past several decades demanding equal political, economic, cultural, personal, and social rights for women? These activists have played a pivotal role in bringing about a greater degree of gender equality in the society and in campaigning for basic women’s rights such as the right to education, right to vote, right to work and to own property. Even though several ancient Greek philosophers including Socrates and Plato demanded equal rights for women, it is the 18th century women’s rights activists like Olympes de Gouge and Mary Wollstonecraft who are considered the forerunners of the modern women's movement. Susan Brownell Anthony, a prominent 19th century feminist was very active in the women's suffrage movement and played a pivotal role in creating the International Council of Women. British women Christabel Pankhurst and Millicent Garrett passionately fought for the rights of women in their country while Canadian physician Dr. Emily Howard Stowe campaigned for Canada's first medical college for women. Throughout the centuries, several men like Parker Pillsbury, Sir Henry Maine, and Thomas Wentworth Higginson have also contributed to women’s rights movements. Read on to discover about the life and works of various famous women's rights activists from all over the world.

The Most Famous Women's Rights Activists

Emily Greene BalchJanuary 8, 1867AmericanEmily Greene Balch was an American economist, sociologist and pacifist who won the 1946 Nobel Peace Prize
Evita PeronMay 7, 1919ArgentinianRadio actress Evita Peron was the second wife of President Juan Peron of Argentina
Sojourner TruthDecember 1, 1797AmericanSojourner truth was an African American abolitionist who was the first black woman to win a case against a white man
Wangari MaathaiApril 1, 1940KenyanWangari Maathai was an environmentalist who won the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize Award
Susan B. AnthonyFebruary 15, 1820AmericanSusan B
Edith CowanAugust 2, 1861AustralianEdith Dircksey Cowan (née Brown) was an Australian politician and social campaigner
Mary WollstonecraftApril 27, 1759BritishMary Wollstonecraft was a British writer, philosopher and an advocate of women’s rights
Ayaan Hirsi AliNovember 13, 1969AmericanAyaan Hirsi Ali is a Somali-born Dutch activist and feminist
Caryl ChurchillSeptember 3, 1938BritishCaryl Churchill is an English dramatist and women’s right activist, known for her non-conventional plays
Emily MurphyMarch 14, 1868CanadianEmily Murphy was a Canadian women’s right activist and the first female magistrate in Canada
Mary Edwards Walker

Mary Edwards Walker

Mary Edwards Walker was an American feminist, an alleged spy, women’s right activist, an abolitionist and a prisoner of war

AmericanNovember 26, 1832171 views

Kate Sheppard

Kate Sheppard was a social activist and an important leader of the women’s suffrage movement in New Zealand

Carrie Chapman Catt

Carrie Chapman Catt was an American women’s rights activist who campaigned for the Nineteenth Amendment to the U.S

AmericanJanuary 9, 1859150 views

Rosalie Edge

Rosalie Edge was an American women’s rights activist and environmentalist who founded the Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Pennsylvania.

Mary Church Terrell

Mary Church Terrell was a renowned national civil rights activist and early advocate for women’s suffrage movement

AmericanSeptember 23, 1863108 views

Marie Stopes

Marie Stopes was a British author and palaeobotanist who played a pioneering role in the field of family planning

BritishOctober 15, 1880194 views

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a Somali-born Dutch activist and feminist

AmericanNovember 13, 1969225 views

Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani women’s rights activist and the youngest-ever Nobel laureate

PakistaniJuly 12, 1997193 views

Caryl Churchill

Caryl Churchill is an English dramatist and women’s right activist, known for her non-conventional plays

Raja Ram Mohan Roy

The social reformer who helped abolish the practice of sati in India, Raja Ram Mohan Roy was the pioneer of modern Indian Renaissance

IndianMay 22, 1772104 views