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Victoria Baldesarra's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Victoria Baldesarra, the famous Canadian dancer & actress; her birthday, her family and personal life, her boyfriends, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdayJuly 28, 1998
FamousDancers, Film & Theater Personalities, Actresses
SiblingsAlec Baldesarra
  • St. Michael Catholic Secondary School
  • Bolton
Birth PlaceToronto
FatherTulio Baldesarra
MotherCherlann Baldesarra
Sun SignLeo
Born inToronto
Famous asDancer, Actress

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Who is Victoria Baldesarra?

“I was always a crazy child; always running around the house,” says 18-year old Canadian Victoria Baldesarra to explain how she became what she is today – a celebrity danseuse and TV actress. She was far too energetic and her well-to-do parents thought admitting her to a dance school would help to channelize her vigorous virility and burn up all that extra energy. So, when she was all of 3 years, they started her on dance lessons. When the dance school chain Joanne Chapman School of Dance (JCSOD) opened a branch at Victoria’s home town Bolton in the Caledon, Greater Toronto Area in 2004, she came under the tutelage of award winning dance tutors Frank and Melissa Giorgio. Today, Baldesarra is globally known for her role as Michelle in ‘The Next Step’, a TV series about a dance studio. With more than 400,000 fans and followers across all social media channels, she is a rage among girls aged between 5 and 20. Victoria is just out of high school and is very keen to take up kinesiology (the study of the mechanics of body movements) and health sciences at the University level. She is also an animal lover and owns a cat named Mia.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Starting early, Victoria is a versatile dancer thanks to her dance school. In 2013, the Bolton branch of JCSOD won the coveted “Studio of the Year” prize at the third annual dance awards in New York organized by Break the Floor productions. Considered to be the Oscar of dance awards, the award came the school’s way because the judges were looking for the most versatile studio and Frank and Melissa teach their wards just about everything – from hip hop to jazz to ballet – the whole range. At the same awards, Victoria was a participant in the winning team though she did not win any individual award. Earlier, in 2010, she won a bronze medal as a member of the Junior Canadian Show Dance Team at the IDO World Show Dance Championships held in Riesa, Germany. In 2011, she got her first call for an audition from Family Channel, Canada. Finally, in 2013 she was picked for the role of Michelle in the Family Channel’s series ‘The Next Step’ which premiered on March 8, 2013. The premiere attracted the largest audience among all the serials on the channel with the number of viewers crossing one million. Vic has not looked back since and the serial is now into its third season. As a spin-off, Family Channel is now airing another serial ‘Lost & Found Music Studios’ where Victoria is part of the cast. The series premiered in December, 2015. She has also featured in the documentary ‘The Next Step Live: The Movie’ where she plays herself. Since February 2016 the cast of ‘The Next Step’ has gone on a global tour called the Wild Rhythm Tour covering Canada, the UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Australia. Reports indicate that each and every stop on the tour has been fully sold out.

What Makes Victoria Baldesarra So Special

As a dancer, her high energy performances together with her versatility makes Victoria special. As an actress she has earned critical acclaim mainly because so far she has had to perform on screen as a dancer participating in various competitions. “The whole competition aspect of the show is very similar,” she told her local newspaper the Caledon Enterprise during an interview in 2013. “All the struggles that we face on The Next Step are similar to the struggles I face in my competition dance life.” Her real test as an actress will come when she starts taking up entirely different kind of roles where, perhaps, she is not a dancer.

Beyond Fame

Little is known about Victoria’s other interests in life apart from her dancing and acting. She is, however, very keen to go to University and continue her education despite all the pressure of work and being a celebrity. She, however, believes that dancing and acting will always remain a part of her.

Behind The Curtains

Victoria lives in Bolton, Ontario with her happily married parents and elder brother Alec. She is also an animal lover and owns a cat named Mia. Nothing is known about her love life or relationships.


Victoria Baldesarra finds travelling exciting and amazing. Once, when she left New Zealand at 5 pm in the evening and reached home in Canada at 8 pm the same day, she tweeted, “some serious time travel going on”.

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Victoria Baldesarra's FAQ

  • What is Victoria Baldesarra birthday?

    Victoria Baldesarra was born at 1998-07-28

  • Where is Victoria Baldesarra's birth place?

    Victoria Baldesarra was born in Toronto

  • What is Victoria Baldesarra nationalities?

    Victoria Baldesarra's nationalities is Canadian

  • Who is Victoria Baldesarra siblings?

    Victoria Baldesarra's siblings is Alec Baldesarra

  • What was Victoria Baldesarra universities?

    Victoria Baldesarra studied at St. Michael Catholic Secondary School, Bolton

  • Who is Victoria Baldesarra's father?

    Victoria Baldesarra's father is Tulio Baldesarra

  • Who is Victoria Baldesarra's mother?

    Victoria Baldesarra's mother is Cherlann Baldesarra

  • What is Victoria Baldesarra's sun sign?

    Victoria Baldesarra is Leo

  • How famous is Victoria Baldesarra?

    Victoria Baldesarra is famouse as Dancer, Actress