Famous Alumni of University Of Minnesota - Celebrities from University Of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota is popularly known as the ‘U of M’ or just a simple ‘U’ that specializes in research in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota. This reputed institution is the sixth largest educational campus in the United States. The university had about 51,147 students in the 2013-2014 which is proof enough of the kind of popularity of the institution. With 19 colleges and schools affiliated to this institution and 6 major sister institution, University of Minnesota is out-rightly one of the best institutions to pass out from. The ‘Minnesota Golden Gophers,’ are the most talked about sports team in the world; till 2015 they had 20 National Championship awards to their credit. The ‘University of Minnesota’ is among the top 25 research institution in the ‘Center for Measuring University Performance’ in Arizona. Some of the notable alumni of the University of Minnesota are famous celebrities like, the songwriter, Bob Dylan, the famous wrestler, Brock Lesnar or the basketball player, Kris Humphries. These people have made it big in nearly all walks of life and have carved a niche for themselves. They are out to make this world a better place and uphold the reputation of the famous institution; they all have passed out from. The University of Minnesota makes sure that with severe perseverance and tough educational deadlines, the best of the lot are churned out. All the Alumni are carving a niche for themselves in whichever field they are in, be it technology, entertainment or sports, they are the best at whatever they do. This list of notable University Of Minnesota alumni is based on the individual’s achievements and fame. We are quite certain that you will be surprised by some of the notable University Of Minnesota alumni who made it to this list.

Check out the list of notable University Of Minnesota alumni. Some of the notable University Of Minnesota students are Bob Dylan, Yanni, Henry Fonda, Walter Mondale and Norman Borlaug.

The Most Famous Alumni of University Of Minnesota

Russell M. NelsonSeptember 9, 1924AmericanRussell M
Ric FlairFebruary 25, 1949AmericanRic Flair is a retired professional wrestler most famous for his extravagant lifestyle with an addiction to alcohol and women
Christiaan BarnardNovember 8, 1922South AfricanDr
Norman BorlaugMarch 25, 1914AmericanNorman Borlaug was an American biologist known as the “Father of the Green Revolution”
Azmin AliAugust 25, 1964MalaysianAzmin Ali is a Malaysian politician and the current Chief Minister of Selangor
Robert M. PirsigSeptember 6, 1928AmericanRobert M
YanniNovember 14, 1954GreekA music composer, pianist and keyboardist, Yanni is famously known for his performances at unusual venues like the Taj Mahal and Acropolis Theatre
Jessica LangeApril 20, 1949AmericanJessica Lange is an American actress best known for her role in the film ‘Tootsie.’
Bob DylanMay 24, 1941AmericanBob Dylan is an American singer who is a major figure in the western pop music scenario
Tony DungyOctober 6, 1955AmericanA retired NFL Coach and a former American football player, Tony Dungy is the first African-American head coach to record a victory at the Super Bowl
Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is an American singer who is a major figure in the western pop music scenario

AmericanMay 24, 1941208 views

Daniel McFadden

Daniel Little McFadden is an American economist and the co-recipient of the 2000 ‘Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences’

AmericanJuly 29, 193775 views

Walter Houser Brattain

Walter Houser Brattain was an American physicist who jointly received the ‘Nobel Prize in Physics’ in 1956

AmericanFebruary 10, 1902102 views

Melvin Calvin

Melvin Ellis Calvin was a Jewish-American biochemist who was awarded the ‘Nobel Prize’ in Chemistry in 1961

AmericanApril 8, 1911129 views

Henry Fonda

Henry Fonda was a well-known American film and stage actor

AmericanMay 16, 1905152 views

Ernest Lawrence

Ernst Lawrence was an American nuclear scientist who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1939 for his invention of the cyclotron

AmericanAugust 8, 190177 views

Everett Dirksen

Everett McKinley Dirksen was an American politician

AmericanJanuary 4, 1896150 views

Eugene McCarthy

Eugene McCarthy was an American politician who served as the United States Senator from Minnesota for several years

AmericanMarch 29, 1916118 views

Walter Mondale

Walter Mondale is an American politician and lawyer who served as the 42nd Vice President of the United States, from 1977 to 1981.

AmericanJanuary 5, 1928121 views

Azmin Ali

Azmin Ali is a Malaysian politician and the current Chief Minister of Selangor

MalaysianAugust 25, 1964296 views