In the contemporary world everyone need a strong social media presence, especially if you are working in the gaming or entertainment sectors. It’s not enough to have accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter—you also need to be live on Twitch! Who knows, you could become the next big Twitch streamer! When TigerWriter started out on Twitch, he had absolutely no idea that one day he would become a star on the platform! His high energy performances are so entertaining that his fans just can’t have enough of him! Bennyfits is another Twitch streamer who has carved out a niche for himself in a very unique way—by using puppets! While his content is primarily meant for mature audiences, it is undeniably very enjoyable, provided you’re an adult. The online scene is full of gaming streamers and Twitch is no different. Tyler Blevins, one of the biggest streamers on the platform, is a gamer who travels all over the world, competing in gaming tournaments for prizes. The Myth, Pokemane, and Troydan are other social media personalities who have achieved massive fame on Twitch. Check out this section to know more about top Twitch streamers.