Television anchors are the newscasts who present news programs on the television. Also known as newsreaders, newscasters or news presenters, these professionals narrate the day’s news in the format of a cohesive television program. They present the news in a television studio, often in a team of two though it is not uncommon to see a single anchor presenting the news. These anchors work in a high-pressure environment characterized by irregular work hours and demanding work schedules. The anchors are provided with the news material that they have to narrate though they are required to improvise their commentary for live presentation; their involvement may also be required during the process of writing and editing of the news material. Many news anchors start their career as news reporters while gradually working their way up. As news reporters, they strengthen their on-camera skills and develop confidence as a presenter which would help them to further their career. News anchors need to be calm, innovative and resourceful as they may be called up to present breaking news anytime without notice. In such cases they have to narrate the news without a script and have to manage without proper mikes or equipment. Read on to browse through a list of world famous television anchors and read their biographies and timelines.