Producers are the key players in television and movie productions, and have to deal with all the practical aspects of film making. The producer is intimately involved in the making of a film or television program from the very beginning. They first search for and select a suitable story, acquire the film rights and work with screenwriters to prepare a screenplay. Before the pre-production stage, film distributors are contacted to assess the likely market for the film, and arrangements are made to secure financing. Since a tremendous amount of work is involved in the production of a movie or a television program, the main producer recruits a team of assistant producers to facilitate the process. Producers supervise each project from the beginning till completion and work in collaboration with directors and production assistants. They have to wear many hats—they are also involved in the distribution and marketing processes, and are in charge of making adequate financial arrangements. No doubt that the Academy Award for Best Picture is presented to the producers, as they are the ones who put in the maximum efforts into the making of a film. Read on to know more about the life and works of these world famous T.V & Movie producers. Browse through their biographies which contain information about their professional and personal lives along with their timelines and triva.