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StaxMontana's Personal Details

StaxMontana (Rahmel Hicks) is a popular American vlogger and YouTuber

BirthdayJanuary 10, 1993
FamousYoutube Star, Instagram Stars, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Vloggers, Gamers
City/StateNew Jersey
Birth PlaceNew Jersey, USA
Sun SignCapricorn
Born inNew Jersey, USA
Famous asYouTube Star

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Who is StaxMontana?

StaxMontana is a popular American vlogger and YouTuber who has a large fan base owing to the game play and other videos that he puts up on his channel. He has always been known to possess a creative mind ever since he was a kid. He explored the world of video games as a toddler and this interest quickly became an obsession. As he went on with creating a YouTube channel, he started making money off it and decided to make a career in the field. He wants to become a video game designer. Most of his fan following is due to his vlogs where he gives his fans some deep insights into his personal life and his experiences with new games and other developments in the gaming industries. He also indulges in other antics such as comedy sketches and vines from time-to-time, for which he collaborates with other YouTube stars.

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Rise to Fame

His interest peaked when he decided to become a video game designer. He started his YouTube Channel in March 2012 with a gameplay commentary of the video game ‘NBA 2K12’ and the video was titled ‘NBA 2K12 My Player-Real Life-Rookie Showcase’.

Although the step was appreciated by some of his early viewers, but many accused him of copying the style from other similar YouTubers such as Leafyishere, but StaxMontana didn’t pay much attention to his critics. His first video was fairly successful, gaining more than 60k views during its lifetime.

His next few videos focused on commentaries of a few more games such as ‘Madden 12’ and ‘NCAA 12 Road to Glory’.


Unlike many other YouTubers, Stax didn’t hit it off with just one viral video. Instead, he kept uploading videos through the times when there were less than 1k views on the videos. He built his fanbase slowly, and when he took off from gaming videos and focused on the general interests of the youth, he grew at a much rapid pace.

His video series by the title ‘Real Nigga Story’ became the stepping stone for Stax towards YouTube glory. He took on topics such as ‘How to Get Women to sleep with you’ and he also started Vlogging while talking about the topics about his girlfriends and what tactics he uses to pick up girls.

He also invited a lot of criticism and moral policing for the frequent usage of cuss words, racial slurs and expletives, but given the appreciation he was receiving, he didn’t stop and kept adding about 200-300 subscribers to his fan base daily.

Of hundreds of videos he has put up on the internet, there hasn’t been a single video that has hit a million mark until now.

He has also entered into collaborations with other popular YouTube gamers such as iPodKingCarter and the videos resulting from the collaborations further increased the subscriber base of both the youngsters.

Family & Personal Life

StaxMontana was born Rahmel Hicks in a middle class neighbourhood at New Jersey on 10th January 1993. His fascination with NBA and the world of video games began during his childhood.

StaxMontana grew up in New Jersey in a middle class household. He was a creative child and didn’t show much interest in the academics.

He moved to Manhattan for sometime before moving back to New Jersey.

His YouTube videos keep his fans up to date with his dating life. Presently, he happens to be married to a woman named Chrissy and is having two children from this marriage, a son King and a daughter named Camille.

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StaxMontana biography timelines

  • // 10th Jan 1993
    StaxMontana was born Rahmel Hicks in a middle class neighbourhood at New Jersey on 10th January 1993. His fascination with NBA and the world of video games began during his childhood.

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StaxMontana's FAQ

  • What is StaxMontana birthday?

    StaxMontana was born at 1993-01-10

  • Where is StaxMontana's birth place?

    StaxMontana was born in New Jersey, USA

  • What is StaxMontana nationalities?

    StaxMontana's nationalities is American

  • How tall is StaxMontana?

    StaxMontana's height is 170

  • What is StaxMontana's sun sign?

    StaxMontana is Capricorn

  • How famous is StaxMontana?

    StaxMontana is famouse as YouTube Star