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Nicki Gruttadauria's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Nicki Gruttadauria, the famous American Instagram star; her birthday, her family and personal life, her boyfriends, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdayJuly 9, 1996
FamousInstagram Star, Instagram Stars, Social Media Stars, Figure Skaters
Known asNicki Grutt
  • Westland High School
Birth PlaceWestlake, Ohio
Sun SignCancer
Born inWestlake, Ohio
Famous asInstagram star, Figure Skater

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Who is Nicki Gruttadauria?

If you are a digitally deft, beautiful, blond, blue-eyed babe you can try your hand at becoming globally famous by taking to the Internet in a big way. And if your beau happens to be someone who has already become a social media star then you are very likely to get a huge fan base in almost no time at all. Meet Italian-American Nicki Gruttadauria. She is an emerging social media star who is among the top 12 percent of the most influential people in the digital world according to the social media analytics and intelligence platform Klear. Starting off just as a typical 15-year-old American girl posting selfies and teenage tattle on Instagram and Twitter, she shot to social media prominence after she became the girlfriend of Vine star Dylan Dauzat in 2015. Apart from her innate talent to keep her admirers engaged—Klear ranks her engagement level “very high”—she is also an aspiring adagio figure skater and has done a few modeling assignments. She is now working hard to obtain degrees in marketing and fashion merchandising. Reports indicate that like many other social media celebrities, she too has now moved to Los Angeles for better opportunities as a social media influencer.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Nicki Gruttadauria is a fine example of how the friends you make on social networks play a big role in quickly expanding your fan base. Although quite beautiful and attractive, she was not so widely known during her initial years on the Internet. She began her online journey with her first Twitter post in July 2011 but became famous only after she met Vine and YouTube star Dylan Luke Dauzat in July 2015 during a DigiFest event in Cleveland. She was invited to the stage to be sung to by Dauzat and before long he began dating her. Dauzat has more than 1.6 million followers on Vine and has upwards of 21 million YouTube views thanks mainly to his “Cute Things Girls Do” series of videos. He is also hugely popular on Twitter and Instagram. Pictures of the couple soon began to appear on Instagram and Twitter and after they enjoyed a vacation together in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico in April, 2016, Nicki shot to fame riding piggyback on Dauzat’s massive fan base. Her skills as a figure skater have also come in handy.

What Makes Nicki Gruttadauria So Special

Gruttadauria had a small fan following thanks to her selfies on Instagram and chit chat on Twitter but her chief claim to fame now is her relationship with Dauzat. His huge posse of admirers were pleasantly or unpleasantly surprised when in June, 2016, the 18 year old Vine star publicly confirmed on social media that he had been dating Nicki for nearly a year. Dauzat also posted on Instagram a photograph of the pair kissing in a pool and wrote “Kisses in Mexico with the love of my life, you make me so so so happy :)” That’s when the world came to know Nicki in a big way.

Beyond Fame

Nicki’s celebrity status is so recent that there is very little information about her in the public domain. But she seems to come from a typical Italian-American extended family with happily married parents.

Behind The Curtains

In July 2016 Nicki apparently broke up with Dylan Dauzat. The break up came within a month of Dauzat announcing that he was dating Nicki. There is no information on what led to the pair going separate ways.

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Nicki Gruttadauria's FAQ

  • What is Nicki Gruttadauria birthday?

    Nicki Gruttadauria was born at 1996-07-09

  • Where is Nicki Gruttadauria's birth place?

    Nicki Gruttadauria was born in Westlake, Ohio

  • What is Nicki Gruttadauria nationalities?

    Nicki Gruttadauria's nationalities is American

  • Who is Nicki Gruttadauria siblings?

    Nicki Gruttadauria's siblings is Alyssa

  • What was Nicki Gruttadauria universities?

    Nicki Gruttadauria studied at Westland High School

  • What is Nicki Gruttadauria's sun sign?

    Nicki Gruttadauria is Cancer

  • How famous is Nicki Gruttadauria?

    Nicki Gruttadauria is famouse as Instagram star, Figure Skater

  • What is Nicki Gruttadauria's twitter?

    Nicki Gruttadauria's twitter is

  • What is Nicki Gruttadauria's youtube?

    Nicki Gruttadauria's youtube is

  • What is Nicki Gruttadauria's instagram?

    Nicki Gruttadauria's instagram is