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Laura Lux's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Laura Lux, the famous Australian DJ, model and social media star; her birthday, her family and personal life, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdayAugust 23, 1988
FamousInstagram Star, Instagram Stars, Instagram Models, Social Media Stars, DJs
SiblingsMark Sellar and a younger brother
Known asAshlee Adams
Birth PlaceAdelaide, Australia
Sun SignLeo
Born inAdelaide, Australia
Famous asInstagram Star, DJ

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Who is Laura Lux?

Laura Lux is an Australian DJ, model and social media star currently based in Los Angeles. She is best known for her impressive fan following on Instagram, where she shares her pictures. As a DJ, she went on a worldwide tour and performed at venues like HP Underground in Darwin, Hush in Auckland, E4 in Berlin & Amsterdam, and Rain at the Palms in Las Vegas. She has appeared alongside stars like Tigerlily and Yo Gotti among others, and was the official DJ of Monster Energy’s Motocross Tour. She has her own SoundCloud account where she shares her song playlists. Her first mix series, “Vodkast”, launched on March 4, 2016, and has received more than 101k plays. She has been featured on various online news websites like Buzzfeed, Brobible, and The Chive. She recently joined where she live-streams herself playing video games and also hosts IRL chats.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Laura Lux started her social media journey on MySpace in the late 2010s. For the next few years, she has moved to most other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. The pictures she shared on the photo sharing platform Instagram made her very popular and earned her a huge fan following. She has a number of Instagram profiles under the names "darthlux", "luxvader" and "djlauralux". Her primary Instagram account, "darthlux", currently has over 1.2 million followers. In 2011, she started her career as a DJ. She began as a resident at the famous HQ Nightclub in Australia and performed around Adelaide and Melbourne. As she gained popularity, she eventually moved to the United States and settled in Los Angeles, California.

What Makes Laura Lux So Special

Laura Lux is a down-to-earth person and loves to stay connected with her fans on the social media. She regularly replies to fan comments, answers questions, and often takes ideas from her fans. She has been very vocal about various causes she felt strongly for, from politics to sexual abuse. Laura, along with her best friend Emily Sears, made it to the news headlines in early 2016 after they took on men who sent them unsolicited images on Instagram. Describing it as a form of online harassment, they started to expose such people by revealing their behavior to their girlfriends. The news soon made it to the Huffington Post and went viral within a short period of time. While talking about the incident, she mentioned that despite the fact that she has received hateful comments from a section of people for her lifestyle, a number of young women lauded her for her efforts at handling an otherwise overlooked real problem that many women face regularly. She eventually inspired a bunch of women, including her friend, to take action against such behavior.

While she is famous for her social media presence, modeling and DJ work, very few people know that she is an avid gamer and is dabbling in the video game streaming industry. In November 2016, she launched her account and started streaming live gameplay of popular video games. She generally plays first-person shooter games, survival horror and RPG games.

Beyond Fame

Laura Lux, who was saddened by the death of Harambe, the gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo that was killed after a mishap, often shared memes about the incident on social media. After being taunted by a friend, she told her followers that if her tweet gets shared 2,000 times, she will get a tattoo saying "RIP Harambe". She has a number of tattoos all over her body, and was certain that her growing fan base would add the new tattoo to the list soon. While she thinks it is a stupid tattoo, she doesn't regret it as she doesn't think everything in life has to be serious.

She supports LGBT community as she has lots of gay friends and takes part in parades and gay club events. She often shares her involvements with other people on social media. She loves to travel, and went on a months-long world tour with Mia Vassallo in 2015, travelling to many cities in Europe, America and South-East Asia. She documented her trip to different places on her Instagram account "luxvader", which was originally named "luxandmia". She is close friends with a woman named Apphia, who goes by the Instagram handle "phiphibb".

Behind The Curtains

Laura Lux was born on August 23, 1988, in Adelaide, Australia. She is very close to her family. She has two brothers, one of whom, Mark Sellar, is a businessman and is also the winner of Australian reality TV series The Big Adventure. She is also very close to Mark's wife Mel.


Laura Lux was previously involved in the adult entertainment industry and was known by the name Ashlee Adams.

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Laura Lux's FAQ

  • What is Laura Lux birthday?

    Laura Lux was born at 1988-08-23

  • Where is Laura Lux's birth place?

    Laura Lux was born in Adelaide, Australia

  • What is Laura Lux nationalities?

    Laura Lux's nationalities is Australian

  • Who is Laura Lux siblings?

    Laura Lux's siblings is Mark Sellar and a younger brother

  • How tall is Laura Lux?

    Laura Lux's height is 173

  • What is Laura Lux's sun sign?

    Laura Lux is Leo

  • How famous is Laura Lux?

    Laura Lux is famouse as Instagram Star, DJ

  • What is Laura Lux's twitter?

    Laura Lux's twitter is

  • What is Laura Lux's instagram?

    Laura Lux's instagram is