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Laneya Grace's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Laneya Grace, the famous model; her birthday, her family and personal life, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdayJune 23, 2004
FamousFashion, Models
Birth PlaceCalifornia
FatherThomas Stevenson
Sun SignCancer
Born inCalifornia
Famous asModel

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Who is Laneya Grace?

Laneya Grace is grace personified. Cute and cherubic, her journey appears to be one of sheer brilliance, charisma and attractiveness from a photographer’s lens. A model at three, she has since stormed the modelling industry with her photogenic looks and effervescent smile. Her green eyes spell magic and mysticism while her light brown hair and milky white complexion add a sense of simplicity and innocence to her looks. Whether it is the girl-next-door look or that of a super chic hot babe, she has nailed every appearance to perfection. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that she was born with the inherent talent for modelling. She is every photographer’s delight. The ease with which she performs in front of camera is commendable for her age. This early experience would surely come in handy when Laneya Grace prepares herself for the ‘big’ stage in a few years. A star is born!

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

At 12, Laneya Grace is dominating the modelling industry with her photogenic looks, mesmeric smile, glittering green eyes and radiant personality. While other models have their share of ups and downs before making it to the road to stardom, this does not hold true for Laneya as she was born a star. As young as three, she started modelling and has been a favourite of top brands, agents and photographers. She has graced the camera a million times with her scintillating presence. Her success story is a subject of envy of many models-to-be who are still trying to make it to mainstream modelling. Despite her young age, she has already been featured in campaigns for top brands such as Guess and Maleficent Toys. She has also starred alongside Aloe Blacc and Kristina Romanova in the music video for the Avicii song, ‘Wake Me Up.’

What Makes Laneya Grace So Special

The very fact that Laneya Grace started modelling when she was just three is enough to make her special. When toddlers of her age were busy exploring their surroundings and grappling with their toilet training program, she was gracing the stage with her effervescent smile, charming looks, beaming presence and of course her twinkling green eyes! Her charisma in front of the camera earned her a contract with the prominent agency Wilhelmina Models who signed the toddler Laneya. Her modelling career has been on an upwards trail with her being featured in campaigns for brands such as Guess and Maleficent Toys

Beyond Fame

At 12, Laneya Grace is an established model. Ever since her debut at three, she has been featured in a number of campaigns and modelling events and shows. This apart, the girl was featured alongside Aloe Blacc and Kristina Romanova in the music video for the Avicii song, ‘Wake Me Up.’

Behind The Curtains

Laneya Grace was born on June 23, 2004, in California, USA. She belongs to the San Francisco Bay area. She started modelling at the age of three. In her eight years of modelling career thus far, she has reached the top of her profession. She is currently a Wilhelmina Model who has campaigned for several brands including Guess and Maleficent Toys. She has also appeared in a music video. Her oozing charm and charismatic personality are evident from her photographs that say a lot about her delightful demeanour and fascinating looks. This probably is also the reason that explains her fan following, which has reached the 233K mark on Instagram (being operated by her father Thomas), 6K mark on Twitter and 11K likes on Facebook.

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Laneya Grace's FAQ

  • What is Laneya Grace birthday?

    Laneya Grace was born at 2004-06-23

  • Where is Laneya Grace's birth place?

    Laneya Grace was born in California

  • What is Laneya Grace nationalities?

    Laneya Grace's nationalities is American

  • Who is Laneya Grace's father?

    Laneya Grace's father is Thomas Stevenson

  • What is Laneya Grace's sun sign?

    Laneya Grace is Cancer

  • How famous is Laneya Grace?

    Laneya Grace is famouse as Model

  • What is Laneya Grace's facebook?

    Laneya Grace's facebook is

  • What is Laneya Grace's twitter?

    Laneya Grace's twitter is

  • What is Laneya Grace's instagram?

    Laneya Grace's instagram is