Kelsey Calemine
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Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles, California
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Who is Kelsey Calemine?

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Kelsey Calemine is a famous internet celebrity who is well known for her Instagram account where she posts pictures of herself. Her Instagram posts helped her gain not only a lot of followers, but also the attention of stars like Lucy Hale. The actress found the similarity between her and Kelsey's facial features so striking that she had posted on her Instagram account a picture of Kelsey to confirm from her followers if the person was real or the picture was morphed digitally. On her post, she also noted that Kelsey looks a lot like the reality TV star Kylie Jenner, making her a 50-50 mix of the two popular celebrities. She also posted on Twitter to point out their similarities. Her posts made Kelsey famous overnight as various gossip website started talking about their striking similarities and started to reach out to Kelsey for her inputs. An interview of her was published on the β€˜Galore’ magazine which dubbed her as their 'Instagram babe of the week'.

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Kelsey Calemine The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Even before Kelsey Calemine got noticed by Lucy Hale, she was already a famous social media personality. She gained popularity through photo blogging on the photo sharing website Instagram. She already had over 300k followers on her Instagram account before she got noticed by the β€˜Pretty Little Liars’ star Lucy Hale. However, as she got the attention of the followers on Lucy Hale's Instagram and Twitter accounts, her popularity skyrocketed to take her to over 879k followers within a few months. She also has 58k followers on the micro blogging site Twitter.

Kelsey Calemine What Makes Kelsey Calemine So Special

Kelsey Calemine's Instagram account is basically a stream of photos of her showing off her latest styles or a new hairdo. Speaking of her new hairdo, she is quite well known for changing her hair style very often and dyeing her hair with different colors. She recently went for blonde look and she asserted to Galore magazine that she has had more fun with blonde hair than she ever had as a brunette. Her obsession with dyeing hair color is something she has in common with her celebrity lookalike Kylie Jenner. Kelsey Calemine is a fan of Spice Girl Emma Bunton. When she was young she even wore pig tails in her hair to imitate her idol.

Kelsey Calemine Beyond Fame

It is said that Kelsey Calemine has the eyebrows of Lucy Hale and the pout of Kylie Jenner. The picture of Kelsey that Lucy Hale shared on social media was probably shared originally by one of Kelsey's fans, as it was captioned β€œIf Lucy Hale and Kylie Jenner had a child it would look like this.” When Lucy Hale posted that picture of her, Kelsey, who is a very sporty girl, responded by posting β€œHey, my mom just called me to ask for a shout-out.”

Kelsey Calemine Behind The Curtains

Born on 14 January 1999, Kelsey Calemine lives in Los Angeles, California, USA. She has a younger step brother. Even though her facial features, especially her similarity with stars like Lucy Hale and Kylie Jenner, made her famous on the internet instantaneously, not much about her personal life is known. She even once tweeted "keep your personal life personal." But if by personal you mean the products she prefers to use when it comes to fashion and beauty, then her interview on Galore magazine may shed some light. However, her life before online fame has not come to the foreground yet. She told Galore that her favorite ice cream is cotton candy. She is reportedly dating Asher Brown.

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Frequently asked questions about Kelsey Calemine

  • What is Kelsey Calemine birthday?

    Kelsey Calemine was born at January 14, 1999

  • Where is Kelsey Calemine's birth place?

    Kelsey Calemine was born in Los Angeles, California

  • What is Kelsey Calemine nationalities?

    Kelsey Calemine's nationalities is American

  • What is Kelsey Calemine's sun sign?

    Kelsey Calemine is Capricorn

  • What is Kelsey Calemine's twitter?

    Kelsey Calemine's twitter is

  • What is Kelsey Calemine's instagram?

    Kelsey Calemine's instagram is