Famous K-Pop Singers - List of Famous K-Pop Singers

K-pop—or Korean popular—singers are all the rage in the contemporary international music scenario! Remember the hysteria and craze surrounding the release of the K-pop artiste Psy’s single ‘Gangnam Style’ in 2012? At one point of time, the popularity of the song’s music video even surpassed the music video for "Baby" by Justin Bieber! Park Jin-young, or JYP, as he is better known, is another immensely successful K-pop artiste who has made a name for himself not just within his own nation, but on an international level. Singer-songwriter Junsu is yet another emerging icon from South Korea who is adored by fans across the continents. Talking of K-pop stars, how can we forget the talented young ladies, such Ailee, BoA, and IU who are stirring up a musical storm on a global level? The K-pop industry is one of the fastest growing ones in the musical world as can be seen from the burgeoning popularity enjoyed by the contemporary K-pop artistes. Aren’t you intrigued to learn more about these skilled wonder-singers who are out there to charm the world? Read on for more information about famous K-pop singers and artists whose songs have made you their die-hard fan!

The Most Famous K-Pop Singers

JungkookSeptember 1, 1997South KoreanJungkook is the lead vocalist, dancer, and rapper of the South Korean musical band, Bangtan Boys or BTS
Jackson WangMarch 28, 1994ChineseJackson Wang is a Hong Kong-South Korean rapper, singer, and dancer
Seo Kang-joonOctober 12, 1993South KoreanSeo Kang-joon is a South Korean actor and singer
Lisa ManobanMarch 27, 1997ThaiLisa Manoban is a Thai rapper and dancer
Jennie KimJanuary 16, 1996South KoreanJennie Kim is a South-Korean pop singer and member of the female K-pop band ‘Black Pink’
Kim BumJuly 7, 1989South KoreanKim Bum is an up and coming South Korean actor, singer, and model
KaiJanuary 14, 1994South KoreanKai is a South Korean singer, actor and dancer, best known as a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO
NichkhunJune 24, 1988American, South KoreanNichkhun Buck Horvejkul, popularly known as Nichkhun, is a Thai-American singer, songwriter, rapper, model, and actor
Kim HyunaJune 6, 1992South KoreanKim Hyuna is a South Korean singer-songwriter, dancer, and model
SugaMarch 9, 1993South KoreanMin Yoon-gi is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, and record producer
Jae-hyung Park

Jae-hyung Park

Jae-hyung Park or ‘Jae’ is a Korean – American musician-composer, rapper, singer and songwriter

AmericanSeptember 15, 1992168 views

Chou Tzu-yu

Chou Tzu-yu, also known as Tzuyu, is a Taiwanese singer

TaiwaneseJune 14, 1999297 views

Kim Hyuna

Kim Hyuna is a South Korean singer-songwriter, dancer, and model

Joshua Hong

Joshua is an American-born South Korean singer and dancer

AmericanDecember 30, 1995285 views

Lisa Manoban

Lisa Manoban is a Thai rapper and dancer

ThaiMarch 27, 1997547 views

Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang is a Hong Kong-South Korean rapper, singer, and dancer

ChineseMarch 28, 1994863 views

Lee Tae-min

Lee Tae-min is an actor and singer from South Korea

South KoreanJuly 18, 1993126 views

Im Yoon-ah

Im Yoon-ah is a South-Korean singer and actress

South KoreanMay 30, 1990108 views

Megan Lee

Megan Lee is a Korean–American actor and singer, best known for her ‘YouTube’ videos and for her acting role in the Canadian series ‘Make it Pop.’ Find more about her family, personal life, birthday, career, etc.

AmericanSeptember 18, 1995101 views


Min Yoon-gi is a South Korean rapper, songwriter, and record producer