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Jelle Van Vucht's Personal Details

Jelle Van Vucht is a Dutch YouTube star and gamer

BirthdayOctober 14, 1996
FamousGamer, Youtube Star, Teens and Kids, YouTubers, Gamers
Nick namesJelly, Jelle Bay, Jelly Bay
Birth PlaceRoermond, Southern Netherlands
Sun SignLibra
Born inRoermond, Southern Netherlands
Famous asYouTube Star, Gamer

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Who is Jelle Van Vucht?

Jelle Van Vucht became famous after uploading gaming videos on his YouTube channel called JellyYT which are sometimes very comical. He also promotes content creatorstrying to establish themselves in the world of gaming with the help of his second channel named GTA5Videos.He also owns a clothing line for which he has acquired quite a name by selling various items to his fans. He met Kodi Brown and Kwebbelkop while making videos and became close friends with the latter. He has more than 5.8 million followers on his YouTube channels. He is a member of a small group named ‘Robust’ who play games like Scrap Mechanic, Gmod and GTA and upload videos on various gaming issues on their respective YouTube channels. He has more than 78K followers on Twitter and more than 266K followers on Instagram.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Jelle Van Vucht started uploading his videos onto his channel from May 2014 and soon found a large number of people highly interested in his videos on gaming. Within a very short time he earned thousands of subscribers and thus he began to upload two videos every day. The videos started attracting almost 3 million views on an average every day and he started to earn thousands of dollars every year. He also started his own online stores through which he started to sell various kinds of dress items to his fans. He has also signed contracts with various companies which sponsor his videos and other endeavors. At present his net worth is about a couple of million dollars.

What Makes Jelle Van VuchtSo Special

Jelle Van Vuchtis very passionate about making videos on gaming hints which help many youngsters play the games much more easily. Since a lot of youngsters like to play different games on their smart phones, tablets, laptops and personal computers, Jelle soon became very popular among the young people for his suggestions on how to play the games successfully. His tips to make the gameplay easier make him a special person to them. His success at such a young age in earning a huge amount of money for himself provides a great inspiration to all youngsters who want to become successful in life. His videos are interspersed with the appearance of a glob of green colored jelly while they are running which refers to one of his nicknames which is ‘Jelly.’

Beyond Fame

Jelle Van Vucht has been dating a fellow YouTuber named Sanna from early 2014 who also has a channel of her own named IamSanna. He did not have any relationship with anyone else before this and was single. He is very serious about his relationship with Sanna and is absolutely dedicated to her. He constantly moves with her to new places and countries wherever and whenever she wants to. His dedication to her has helped him to keep himself from being involved in any controversies and scandals up till now. Till now he has not decided whether to marry his girlfriend or not and seems to be content with the status quo of his present relationship. He is also serious about creating more and more videos on gaming that would fill his fans with more happiness.

Behind the Curtains

Jelle Van Vucht was born in Roermond, in the southern part of Netherlands, on October 14, 1996. He joined an audio-visual course in Eindhovento learn more about making videos but had to quit his studies midway due to the pressures created by his other businesses such as the second YouTube channel and his clothing line business. He also found that his businesses were more profitable than any job. He is devoted to his girlfriend Sanna whom he started dating in 2014 and moves with her to any country she prefers to live in which include Sweden, Spain and the United States. Sanna is also a YouTuber with a channel named IamSanna.Sanna can speak a number of languages that includes Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, English, French and Spanish, helping the couple settle in any part of the world they want to.He became a close friend of Kwebbelkop after meeting him while shooting a video. Very little is known about his parents and whether he has any siblings. He became a member of a group of gamers named ‘Robust’ who were youngsters interested in playing video games like Scrap Mechanic, GTA and Gmod. The experience of playing these games helped him to create videos containing hints on how to play these games in a better way.

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Jelle Van Vucht's FAQ

  • What is Jelle Van Vucht birthday?

    Jelle Van Vucht was born at 1996-10-14

  • Where is Jelle Van Vucht's birth place?

    Jelle Van Vucht was born in Roermond, Southern Netherlands

  • What is Jelle Van Vucht nationalities?

    Jelle Van Vucht's nationalities is Dutch

  • What is Jelle Van Vucht nick names?

    Jelle Van Vucht's nickNames is Jelly, Jelle Bay, Jelly Bay

  • How tall is Jelle Van Vucht?

    Jelle Van Vucht's height is 172

  • What is Jelle Van Vucht's sun sign?

    Jelle Van Vucht is Libra

  • How famous is Jelle Van Vucht?

    Jelle Van Vucht is famouse as YouTube Star, Gamer

  • What is Jelle Van Vucht's facebook?

    Jelle Van Vucht's facebook is

  • What is Jelle Van Vucht's twitter?

    Jelle Van Vucht's twitter is

  • What is Jelle Van Vucht's youtube?

    Jelle Van Vucht's youtube is