Famous people with INTP - INTP Celebrities

INTPs are more like the logician in the group, and there is nothing more that can make them unhappy than being common or ordinary. And the fact that INTPs make about 3% of the population definitely works for them! INTPs take much pride in their creativity and inventiveness- owing it to their unique perspective and intellect most INTPs are known to be writers and architects, most of them even responsible for many scientific discoveries! INTPs are lovers of patterns, systems and design and are usually caught up in the search for universal law and theory behind everything. They love spotting discrepancies between statements, which would make it a bad idea to lie to an INTP. Often engaged in their own thoughts, INTPs might seem to look unconventional and offbeat but for them, the mind is the loudest and most active place and can easily neglect superficial things. Small talks tire them but deep conversations about science and theoretical problems will get them downright passionate and thrilled. INTPs choose their words with utmost caution and are typically precise and to-the-point in their speech and communication. Even in the most casual conversation, INTPs insist on intellectual content and will willingly point out inconsistencies, be showing more interest in analysing logic than portraying social niceties. There are tons of INTPs in the social and entertainment space that are famous for their incredible talents and skills in different fields. Famous people like Albert Einstein, Tina Fey, Meryl Streep, and Jesse Eisenberg share the same INTP trait. There is still so much to learn from the famous INTPs- keep reading and find out!

Here's everything you need to know about the famous INTPs and their incredible talents in different walks of life.

The Most Famous people with INTP

Carl JungJuly 26, 1875SwissCarl Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist famous for founding the school of analytical psychology
Richard DawkinsMarch 26, 1941BritishRichard Dawkins is an English ethologist and evolutionary biologist
Charles DarwinFebruary 12, 1809BritishCharles Darwin was one of the most influential figures in human history
John LockeAugust 29, 1632BritishJohn Locke was a 17th century English philosopher and physician known as the "Father of Classical Liberalism"
Larry PageMarch 26, 1973AmericanLarry Page is the co-founder of search engine Google
Meryl StreepJune 22, 1949AmericanMeryl Streep is one of the most talented actors of the modern era
Jane AustenDecember 16, 1775BritishJane Austen was an English writer famous for her novels, ‘Pride and Prejudice’, ‘Emma’ and ‘Sense and Sensibility’
Rick MoranisApril 18, 1953CanadianRick Moranis is a Canadian actor, voice over artist and a Grammy nominated musician
Marie CurieNovember 7, 1867PolishMarie Curie was a Physicist and Chemist, who was world renowned for her work on radioactivity
Ashley OlsenJune 13, 1986AmericanAshley Olsen is an American actress, fashion designer and producer
Carl Jung

Carl Jung

Carl Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist famous for founding the school of analytical psychology

SwissJuly 26, 1875905 views

Ben Stein

Ben Stein is an American writer, actor and lawyer

AmericanNovember 25, 1944146 views

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was the sixteenth President of the United States

AmericanFebruary 12, 1809135 views

Thomas Aquinas

Thomas Aquinas was an Italian Dominican theologian hailed as the father of the Thomistic school of theology

ItalianJanuary 28, 1225150 views

Alan Greenspan

Alan Greenspan is an influential American economist

AmericanMarch 6, 1926203 views

Adam Smith

Adam Smith was a Scottish Philosopher and Political Economist

ScottishJune 16, 1723212 views

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is popularly known as the Father of Modern Physics

GermanMarch 14, 1879188 views

Rick Moranis

Rick Moranis is a Canadian actor, voice over artist and a Grammy nominated musician

CanadianApril 18, 1953335 views

René Déscartes

René Déscartes was a famous mathematician, writer and philosopher, who belonged to 16th century

FrenchMarch 31, 1596179 views

Bob Newhart

Bob Newhart is a stand-up comedian and actor who has starred in various sitcoms